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Velodyne Acoustics are a company better known for their no compromise, high end subwoofers line of manufacture, and the bottom line about the Velodyne vPulse is that they’re for bassheads and people who like their bass.

That said, don’t let that fool you, as the Velodyne Vpulse offers much more than just hearty, meaty bass.


The Velodyne vPulse comes in either Classic black, Velodyne Electric blue or Hot pink, and their design is minimalistic with just a V on the side of the polished metal driver housing.

The Y configuration of the cables join together and are sheathed together by a metal cable housing, protecting the joint, and has the full Velodyne brand name on them, making it look slightly more premium.

The jack is right angled, and the cable flat and tangle resistant, similar to linguini. The cable also has in-line cable controls for volume, playback, and voice call control. However, we must note that you won’t be blamed for mistaking the Velodyne vPulse for another more well-known but less well made brand.

A closer look reveals its simple but elegant nature, with a high quality aluminium metal driver housing angled just right to fit, the gold plated audio jack, and the moulded polymer jack and cable housing to prevent wear and tear.


The Velodyne vPulse uses a 10mm dynamic driver, standard for in ear headphones these days. The frequency range, extremely important, is from 20 Hz- 20 kHz. The sensitivity, stands at 92 dB/mW. The impedance stands at 16 ohms.

There is nothing spectacular about the driver or the frequency range, the driver materials not being specified and the frequency range quite standard, and both of these can only be judged from the audio quality.

The sensitivity and impedance however, is surprisingly high – making it less power efficient compared to most other in-ear headphones of the same pedigree. What this means is that either the cable is not made of quality material which we doubt is the case, or the driver is really pulling in the juice to pump out some really good audio, or bass, which we suspected.

Velodyne is a company with more expertise making subwoofers, this may probably explain as to the level of sensitivity and impedance, as although still important in subwoofers, were not the vital factors of consideration since the power source was almost unlimited, compared to portable players like IPods and phones.

Audio Quality

Velodyne vPulse1(1)

The Velodyne Vpulse gives the impression that its geared towards the younger hipper end of the consumer market who like their beats fast, punchy, and their bass powerful, yet they want quality, and are tired of boring looking sets of in-ear headphones which give out good quality sound but look like something their parents would use to listen to Bach. Not that Bach is bad.

The audio quality supports that theory of ours – the bass, is simply good. The clarity maintains at louder volumes, and distortion is kept at a minimum or almost is non-existent, until you push up the volume to ear splitting levels. While some people like that, it is’nt what we recommend.

The bass is so clear that the different types of bass are clearly distinct, and it lends a whole new perspective to some tracks, and for other,s the raw power of the 1omm drivers was astounding.

For lighter tracks with less bass, they were still very clear, and quite precise. While not exactly warm sounding, or extremely accurate, they were good enough to be satisfactory all around, and they had more meat added to their lower to mid-range sections.


The Velodyne vPulse headphones buy-now-1 come with Multiple sized ear tips, (black & gray sets), a zip-up protective carrying case, and a cable clip. The cable clip here is almost essential, as without it the cable feels kind of heavy and drags around, which is one of the design flaws or setbacks of the tangle free flat cable design present in many in-ear headphone sets these days.

The carrying case is a nice added plus, but the eartips are especially important – everyone’s ear canal size is different, and even the left and right ear canals can be shaped and sized differently so this is good initiative and product consideration for the Velodyne vPulse on Velodyne Acoustics part. If you don’t like them, you could always get some noise isolating Comply foam eartips for extra noise isolation.

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