[Review] Sony MDR 7506 Headphones

Sony MDR 7506

The Sony MDR 7506 professional headphones has been around since 1991, and if you look closely, you can see that the MDR 7506 is actually a modern take on the MDR V6 that was released in 1985, and both were targeted at the sound engineers and people who work with audio professionally.

The Sony MDR7506 Headphone is so good, it’s the sought after choice of celebrity singers like Celine Dion, controversial radio personalities like Howard Stern and major publishing companies such as Random House.

Due to their comfort and excellent audio quality, they have been a long staying favourite of people who take their music seriously, be it for work or personal enjoyment and continue to do so till now.

Here we will tell you the how and why the MDR7506 is just as great now, if not better.

Sound Quality

The first impression of the Sony MDR7506 is that the sounds all sound full bodied and natural, nothing is too loud or too flashy, and everything should sound the way it is, live.

Even electronica and bass heavy tracks did not sound too tinny or over bass heavy, although some people who prefer more bass may not like this.

The mids are warm and robust, with great clarity, as are the highs, and the highs are sharp, but not overly so.

The bass here shines as accurate, tight and responsive, and you can differentiate the different levels used and still hear background noises, and it’s not muddy at all.



The Sony MDR 7506 looks simple, unassuming, yet not large or clunky. The headband is padded with high quality vinyl padding along the entire length, and provides tension for the earcups to stay on the head. The earcups on the head band can be extended out via a flexible metal band concealed within the head band, and kept back and the earcups folded in for storage and portability when not in use.

The earcups themselves are large, with a circum-aural design, made to enclose around the ear for a snug, secure fit to boost the noise isolation feature and quality that Sony has mastered.

Also, the earcups have leatherette pads that do a superb job of cushioning your ears, and leaving them still comfortable and unhindered after several hours of listening.


The dynamic drivers with their signature large 1.6 in diaphragm give a full bodied audio quality that very few other headphones can match these days, if at all. The wide frequency range from 10Hz – 20 kHz makes the MDR 7506 a master at handling almost any genre with the capability of faithful audio reproduction with combination using powerful neodymium magnets in their drivers.

The cable of the Sony MDR 7506 is thick, and with ten feet long of coiled cable ending in a gold plated plug with another ¼” stereo adapter, you get the feeling that Sony decided to go all in and not leave out any features.

Then you get to modern times, and Sony hasn’t really improved it since then so it lacks an in-line microphone and volume control, but that’s a very minor issue, and this model isn’t very suited to outdoor portable use anyway. Also, the cable cannot be detached, which adds to the point that it’s not meant for portability, along with its weight of 8 ounces.

The impedance stands at 24 ohms, and that is surprisingly low compared to even modern headphones, and as a result, and although not specified, it can be almost assured that the cable is made of high quality 99.99% oxygen free copper to get such a low impedance. The sensitivity stands at 104 dB/mW, making it quite energy efficient.

And while it may not look extremely flashy and may look a tad big for modern portable players, it should work fine with them. The power consumption rate is one point which the MDR 7506’s differ from their predecessor, the MDR V6, and due to their much increased power efficiency they should work much better with Ipods, phones and the like.

This is quite surprising and laudable, since the MDR 7506 is made for “Professional audio system, home audio system” use and no mention is made for portable players, Sony still made an effort to decrease the amount of energy used for such a crisp and clear audio system. However, due to the large design and extremely long coiled cable it still isn’t very portable, or great when going for a jog.

Customer Reviews

With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, it’s clear that this product is a high quality unit that delivers the goods. A quick scan through the several glowing reviews on Amazon will confirm this.

The only real ‘weak’ link seems to be the slightly substandard quality of the ear pads. However, unlike plenty of other headphones on the market, replacement pads for this particular unit are easily available, so this shouldn’t really be a problem.

Overall, many consumers agree that the Sony MDR7506:

  • Produces fantastic sound.
  • Has a crisp, clear and true range and a phenomenal bass response.
  • Is very comfortable to wear.

Additionally, the vast majority of customers expressed satisfaction that it is extremely budget-friendly.

All of this makes it super easy for us to recommend purchasing these headphones – chances are, it’ll quickly become your favorite gadget!


All in all, the Sony MDR 7506 headphones buy-now-1 deserves to be taken seriously, and it’s reputation as a serious set of high fidelity audio headphones are well deserved.

While it is not something that we would personally take out for a jog or to work, since the cable is extra-long; the extremely comfortable features and essential parts are all there, like the extra stereo plug, the gold plating on said plugs, and excellent cable quality and power efficiency.

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