[Review] Yamaha Eph-100sl Headphones

Yamaha Eph-100sl Headphones

It’s great to see the in-ear headphones market being filled with so many more options than in the past. This model is a lot more expensive than many of the other in-ear options out there though.

At $199.95, you will have to think twice before you buy these. Hopefully this review can help you make your choice. I will review this model step by step so you can get a clear picture of what’s offered.


The Yamaha Eph-100sl mainly come with the package you would expect. There are ear pads that you can change for maximum comfort. There’s also a practical cable holder.

Technology wise, the Yamaha Eph-100sl have a Super-compact 6mm driver that delivers the great sound we will talk about later on and a two stage flange for great sound and overall comfort.

On the outside, this model is made of aluminum and conveys durability and helps display the fact that you paid $200, even if the look is subtle obviously.

What I liked

Yamaha Eph-100sl Headphones 2

What I liked the most about the Yamaha Eph-100sl is in fact not really what I expected. It thought I would praise the comfort aspect of these headphones because it seems to be what they put forward in the description. However, it’s the bass that impressed me.

I was convinced that this kind of “bass satisfaction” was reserved for full-size headphones, but these are really doing the work for all my hip-hop songs. I would call the sound quality nothing less than exceptional and I was completely satisfied in that regard.

And then you have the price, and while that aspect could be debated, I think $199.95 is pretty close to what these are worth. Maybe $150 would’ve been a more accurate offer for me, but as long as I’m mostly satisfied with the product and that it doesn’t break, I’m fine with it.

On the durability aspect, it’s harder to tell of course, but I think these are built with good materials. I will have to see they stand the test of time and I sure hope that they will do so.

What I disliked

What I disliked the most is probably the long-term comfort. I wouldn’t say I would use these to work on the computer all day for example. The fit is good and don’t get my wrong – they won’t fall off – but it’s simply that the comfort level for long periods isn’t exceptional.

I don’t think this takes away from the quality of these headphones, but I just thought I would mention it in case you would have unrealistic expectations in that regard.

Customer reviews

When it comes to customer reviews, I’m reading a bit of these same opinions – great headphones, but not a great pick for long periods of use. Are people saying that they would return these? Absolutely not.

Some customers who were unfortunate enough to get defects willingly waited for their new pair to enjoy the exceptional sound once again. On Amazon, the reviews are mainly postitive, with a 4.2 average out of 5 and 68 5-stars reviews out of 106 customers.

Despite one or two downsides, I think these are amongst the best in-ear headphones on the market. The sound quality is simply too good to be true at times. I don’t know a lot of models that can produce bass this good in an in-ear format.

I don’t think it’s necessary to dramatize the fact that these aren’t the most comfortable to wear during hours on end – you shouldn’t be having in-ear headphones in your ears all the time anyway.

This kind of behavior is bad and can lead to ear damages, especially if you listen to very loud music during long periods of times. They’re perfect to enjoy no-promise music sound while on the road.

Previously, I was used to listening to my music on vacation with half the quality and satisfaction that I enjoyed at home. Now, it feels the same wherever I go and I can thank the Yamaha Eph-100sl headphones buy-now-1. I hope this was an informative review and you can obviously see that my verdict is pretty positive.

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