[Review] Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Logitech, the manufacturers, of the Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth speaker are proud to represent this product as one that will take music listening to the next level. This device is handy and it can blast music loudly, while still allowing you to hear yourself and your friends talking.

It is great for the sociable person and music lover. Partying with your friends becomes much easier with these speakers. This review will outline the characteristics, design and sound quality of these Ultimate Ears speakers.

Ultimate Ears Characteristics

Party until you drop with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that performs for up to 15 hours in between charges. Fifteen hours is a great time frame for most music lovers however, some users have commented that the battery has a limited charging cycle.

This means that at a certain point the batteries are unable to be recharged and you will need to purchase new ones.

The wireless functions of this speaker are impressive; users can switch songs, adjust the volume and accept or decline calls from up to 50 feet away. On the downside the wireless function does not work around walls, users may experience a drop in signal.

For the tech savvy individual, user can link up to 8 Bluetooth gadgets, at the same time. However, the more devices you use the faster your batteries will be drained. Most smartphones, tablets, and computers are compatible with the UE BOOM speaker.

Included with your purchase is a micro-USB cord and an AC power adapter for charging purposes. You will also find a guide to assist in the operating of these speakers. Plus, it comes with a limited warranty.

UE BOOM Design


The Ultimate Ears BOOM speaker is easily adaptable. It can be taken anywhere thanks to the D-Ring with ¼ to 20 inch tripod mount. It can be easily fastened to your schoolbag and even your jeans, once connected you are good to be on the go. However, wearing this speaker for too long can become a little tiresome.

Another advantage that this design boasts is the bright colored acoustic skin, with plasma covering that protects it from sweat, rain and water; making it waterproof. This makes it great for unpredictable weather changes. Note-well, even though this speaker is waterproof, it is not meant to be fully submerged under water.

The beauty of owning the UE BOOM Speaker is that you can use it to listen to radio and music directly from your iTunes library, Spotify playlists and other programs.

With an Ultra-portable water bottle structure it travels easily, plus it is very simple to operate. The power button is within reach and the sturdy rubber spine volume controls provide a soft grip when adjusting volume. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack to plug in other audio devices.

BOOM Sound Quality

In regards to the audio performance of this device, it can deliver up to 88dBA at the max volume. These speakers also have a frequency range of 90Hz to 20 kHz, two 1.5 inch, 4 Ohm drivers and two 2 inch Passive Radiators.

Don’t underestimate the small size of the UE speaker as it is indeed a true workhorse, blasting music louder and bigger than it looks. The mids and highs deliver crisp and clean sounds, however, many are dissatisfied with the low bass. If you crank the speaker to full volume, the bass sound quality will have a distorted and unclear audio.

The volume of these speakers sound best when at mid-range and while playing acoustic songs. In addition the UE BOOM 360 speaker has a vibrant sound that spreads the music all around you and not just in one direction.

Another awesome sound feature is that if you purchase two speakers you can simply connect the speakers wirelessly with the UE BOOM application for iOS and Android gadgets. This elevates the volume as you share your music.

The Verdict

The Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker buy-now-1 is not wallet friendly but indeed is a great companion in the midst of friends. This device will keep the party going. It is designed to be durable, plus you can even dance and listen to music in the rain.

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