[Review] Steelseries H Wireless Gaming Headset


The Steelseries manufacturers have revolutionized the gaming industry with a wireless headphone that delivers exceptional sound definition, utmost performance and hard pounding durable hours. Gamers now have the freedom and space to enjoy their games in comfort.

This article will discuss important information regarding the design, features, and sound quality of the Steelseries H.

Steelseries H Design

The Steelseries H wireless headset is an incredible innovation from the original version. It is compatible with Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and 4, PC, Apple TVs and Mac gaming gadgets. Additional players can join in on the fun with the Sound Share Port.

This H Series device is finished with a matte black over the entire headset. It is all plastic but it is built to last. There is a glossy covering on the sides of the earphones with a dash of orange that complements the inside of the ear cup. The memory foam in the earphones, allows the user to enjoy long gaming sessions in extreme comfort.

With your purchase you receive two lithium-ion batteries that will last for 20 hours each. These batteries can be changed while you are playing without creating a hassle. Just remove the cover on your left ear cup and swap batteries. When you remove the cover on the right ear cup users will find a miniUSB socket for upgrades.

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The microphone on this device is retractable, and the light at the end of it tells you whether it is on. A small button turns it on and off. Volume and menu choices can be selected by tapping on the menu wheel.

Steelseries Characteristics

All the characteristics that involve this product are top notch and effective but it is not every gamer’s favorite choice. These H model wireless headphones have a transmitter that possesses an extensive range of 40ft in a direct line. The only downside is that if you move from your couch to your kitchen you may lose you’re your signal.

The multi-port contains the following; an analog in, out and a Mini USB port. Additional features include; Optical, USB and Power cables, Mobile, Chat, Power Adapters and 4 Worldwide Plug Ends.

This device contains only 2 buttons, 1 to turn off the gadget after a long day of playing and the other to mute the mic. There are also on-earcup controls, this is a wheel that adjusts the volume and the most common settings like mix, EQ and etc. There is no need to get up.

Due to the complicated structure of these headphones and its many functions the manufacturers provide an owner’s manual guide. Within the user’s guide one can find instructions with clear diagrams, and operational tips.

H Sound Quality

This H model headset has three different Dolby features; the Dolby Headphone, Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital, giving user excellent quality 7.1 surround sound. It boasts a max volume of 100dB SPL at 1 kHz which can hurt your ears if you are not careful.

While playing users can talk through the mic which has a range of 100Hz to 10000Hz. Your team-mates voices can be heard clearly through the dual 40mm drive speakers.

The SteelSeries headset comes with a LiveMix and ChatMix feature. How it works is that the LiveMix automatically engages the ChatMix feature. This increases the volume on the chat functions and lowers the game sound so you can communicate with your team.

Individual users are able to adjust the sound with the 5 Band equalizer to their own style. They can even choose different settings for different games and entertainment functions.

The SteelSeries H Wireless buy-now-1 delivers clean and clear cut audio. However, not every platform it is compatible. The H model wireless allows the user to listen to music or game sound effects when at home or travelling. You can also watch movies and get that incredible theatre like experience.

Final Verdict

Even though this headset is made of plastic and it has a high end price, rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth. The value of these headphones are put to the test the moment you start playing. Users will experience top of the line gaming performance with excellent comfort.

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