[Review] SOL REPUBLIC Relays Earbuds


These headphones are great for the avid runner or athlete looking for a device that will keep up with them while in training. This headset is easy to put in and has a secure fit, ideal to those users with an active and urban lifestyle.

SOL Features

These headphones are the first to contain FreeFlex Technology. They have a system that fits securely and requires no additional pieces. It is designed to fit all different people and guarantees that they won’t fall out. This allows users to play longer and harder and stay focused on their activities without worrying about their head phones.

This headset is great for the athlete or active person because they are sweat and water resistant. No need to worry any longer about sweat ruining your headphones.

These ear buds are available in two models. The three button version of the Relay has a mic and a 3 button controller, for volume and track selection. It is designed to be compatible with recent versions of Apple devices. The mic and audio is also compatible with most devices containing a 3.5mm jack.

The Relay one button model, contains a mic and one button for audio control. It is designed to be compatible with a wide range of portable media players.


Another great feature of this product is the free ear tips for life. Losing your ear tips is not a problem anymore. Also included is a slim fit carrying case and a one year warranty.

SOL Sound Quality

No matter what your genre of music SOL REPUBLIC Relays will give you a powerful sound. They offer a strong sub-bass sound, with a sub-woofer type thunder at high volume levels without any distortion in sound. This is great if you like a heavy bass. However, at times these ear buds can be too bass-heavy, sounding unnatural.

Not only do these headphone offer heavy lows, but the highs and high-mids are well sculpted to balance the mix. While this is a great sound, if you are looking for a pure, accurate and flatter sound these are not the headphones for you. There is not a lot of detail and preciseness to your music with these headphones.

These headphones produce their best sound with strong acoustic tracks. For example, Nickel Creek’s song, “Out of the Woods” was clear, balanced and flowed very well. More complex tracks, did not exhibit the highest quality sound with this headset. The album, Modern Vampires of the City was lost with these headphones. The percussion was too static and artificial sounding, guitars sounded buzzy and overall it lost its definition.

This headset is priced slightly high for models of this type and unfortunately product information is limited. Common sound quality specifications like frequency, driver size, impedance and SPL are not available.

SOL Republic Design


This headset is designed to be light weight (only 13.4 grams) and keeps a low profile, they can even be worn under a helmet. They are designed to keep up with you throughout your day and stay in your ears no matter where you go. Plus, they are easy to put in.

The casing is discrete in style. On the outside of the earpieces there is a black cap carved with the Sol logo in a decorative color.

These headphones are available in two models, a one button and three button as mentioned above. They also come in a variety of different colors including; black, red, black and white, blue and lemon lime.

The earpieces are very simple and actually don’t look like they will fit securely but the round contoured fin helps secure the fit. It comes with four pairs of silicone ear tips in various sizes. There is not much flair to these headphones.

This product is also designed and sold with a clothing clip to attach to your shirt during workouts. The clip helps control cable movement during your activity.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for headphones that will be comfortable and durable while exercising the SOL REPUBLIC earbuds buy-now-1 are a great option. However, if you are looking for an upgrade in the sound quality of your current headphones you may want to look elsewhere. This headset offers some great features for the athlete but may leave a true audiophile wanting more.

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