[Review] Shure SRH750DJ Headphones


Founded by Sidney N. Shure, Shure Incorporated (the company that promotes the popular range of headphone sets under the same name) has over 85 years of experience in the professional audio equipment niche.

So you can bet that the products they put out are bound to be of a high standard.

One such example would be the Shure SRH750DJ Headphones. And while it mainly caters to the pro DJ market, it’s an ideal choice for casual listeners of music as well.

We had the opportunity to play around with this toy a few days ago and wanted to share our thoughts on it with you guys. Go ahead, check out our review and let us know if you’ve had a similar experience!

Sound Quality

Firstly, as mentioned above, these cans are mostly geared towards DJs since the bass is noticeably emphasized.

We ran a couple experiments to quickly test out the bass response and found that it remains solid even below 20 Hz. Furthermore, response in the bass territory of 20-200 Hz indicated that it’s raised by at least 10 dB compared to the rest of the range. So bass definitely reigns supreme here.

Additionally, the quality is excellent. Due to the increased response, the bass is crystal clear and present at all times – a significant plus point especially in loud areas.

Having said that, the entire frequency range is well represented.

Also, for a medium-sized pair, the Shure 750 produces incredibly accurate sounds with a soundstage that’s surprisingly large. And after approximately 60-70 hours of burn time, the sound it delivers is astonishingly good.

We enjoyed listening to every genre under the sun, but noted that classical music sounded the best with these headphones.

That’s not all though; this model is also fantastic for watching movies, especially racing flicks and action thrillers. So all you action fans out there are going to be mighty pleased with this gadget!

Good Sound Isolation


These headphones do a pretty decent job on this front. In fact, it has the ability to block up to 15 dB of noise in the mid range and around 30 dB in the treble range.

Features And Specifications

  • Increased power handling and enhanced impedance for DJ mixers.
  • Closed back, full size design decreases external noise.
  • Superior frequency response fine tuned to produce high-output bass.
  • 50 mm neodymium driver that’s ideal for DJ mixing.
  • Replaceable earcup pads + a second set of pads.
  • Adjustable headband attached to 90° swivel ear cups for extra comfort + quick n’ easy one-ear replacement.
  • Detachable coiled cable (10 feet) that’s replaceable.
  • A storage pouch is also included.

Customer Reviews

For the most part, the Shure SRH750DJ Headphones has gotten great customer feedback for its exceptional sound quality and good isolation.

That said, a few drawbacks do exist.

For instance, some buyers complained that the gadget they received was lacking in build quality. In this instance, the best solution would be to return them to the manufacturer and request a replacement unit be shipped to you.

Another minor gripe is the cord that comes with this product – it’s coiled with a smaller than average stereo plug attached to one end.

So unless you’re going to station yourself right next to the device you plug it into with the cable totally limp, the coiled nature of the cord will force it to tug on the headset, which can be a bit distracting and annoying.

However, the majority of folks do not appear to have had the same problems, so perhaps these aren’t widespread issues.

Overall, many consumers wholeheartedly state that the Shure SRH750DJ has:

  • Fantastic detail right throughout the frequency range.
  • Excellent bass and top notch sound quality (sounds amazing at a higher volume when you’re all about watching a blockbuster movie or listening to your favorite songs, as well as at a lower volume when all you want is some cool background music when working on a project).
  • Good noise isolation, both interior (does a decent job of stopping sound leakage that can disturb those next to you) and exterior (blocks external noise).
  • A replaceable cable + earcup pads + a carrying pouch


Would we recommend purchasing the Shure SRH750DJ buy-now-1?

Absolutely. If you’re looking to have a sensational listening experience, we encourage you to snap up these cans without hesitation. For the price they cost, they are totally worth it.

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