[Review] Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones


The SRH440 professional studio headphones from Shure offer astounding sound quality along with comfortable materials and features. The home studio owner can now get more for less.

Shure Design

While this brand is designed to work well for the home studio owner, it has the potential to produce effective results even at a professional standard.

The structure of these headphones is perfect for professional apps used by studio engineers and DJ’s during their gigs. The large drivers offer crisp and clean cut sound, with an extensive frequency production.

These studio headphones are designed circumaurally and fits on any size head. Their design blocks out background noise and allows for easy use. The rotating ear-cups, grip your ears securely, while the soft dense cushions, offer a relaxed and comfortable fit. Unfortunately the cushions can fall off and get destroyed rather quickly, however they are easily replaceable, but this will also mean spending an additional fee.

The Shure SRH440 model headphones are lightweight and transportable. They fold easily while being stored and they can be placed inside the included travel bag. Studio owners are thankful for the looped single-sided cord since it is tangle and stress free, especially if you move around a lot in the studio. The coiled cord is also detachable.


If you like a variety of colors, or are looking for a modern design, these headphones are not for you. The design is slightly dated and unfortunately this model only comes in black however, don’t let that discourage you as this device has a lot more to offer. This product is built durable to withstand everyday use.

The SHR440 Characteristics

These headphones are great if you love leather. They have a leather finish and include replaceable ear pads made from polyurethane foam. Unfortunately the leather finish isn’t water or sweat resistant, sometimes it even creates a slight odor when wet, nevertheless they are very handy and easy to use.

The cord length is 8 feet 4 inches. This is large enough to allow slack for mobility within the studio. It is tangle free and a bayonet clip firmly grasps the cord to the ear cups in efforts to avoid stepping on or tripping over the coil. If you are not interested in mobility you may want to consider a device with a smaller cord, since it can become cumbersome.

One great characteristic is the noise cancellation features. It is exceptional and provides a clean audio response. Users will be able to focus on the deep bass and crisp highs and lows without the distraction of background noises.

This headset contains a 3.5 mm mini jack that is compatible with your MP3 Players, CD players, PC and other portable media devices.

Included with this product is a 3.5mm and ¼ mini adapter, a carrying bag to protect your headphones from wear and tear. Plus a 2 year limited warranty that guarantees gadget replacement or refund.

Shure Sound Quality

The sound quality produced by the SRH440 is perfect for the studio mixing. Its maximal power input production reaches up to 500 mW and has a sensitive of 105 decibels. The SRH440 can be compared to the Sennheiser HD 280 in sound quality.

In regards to the speakers there is one driver per ear. Each driver measure 40 mm and it offers dynamic sound with a neodymium magnet.

The frequency range is 10 to 22,000 Hz with an impedance of 44 ohms. Music listening with this headset is accurate and the boosting frequency response executes a precise audio across an extended array of equalizing.

For optimum volume performance, slightly adjust the controls to heighten your listening. Be careful while adjusting the volume as the volume controls are sensitive and you do not want to damage your ears.

This product matches professional level hi tech devices that produce refined audio quality similar to that used by DJs and sound engineers. You can use this device on mixing consoles, studio equipment and headphone amplifiers.

The sound quality is ideal for any genre of music and even works great when listening to radio talk shows. Human voices come through crisp and clean.

The Verdict

No device is perfect, but this Shure SRH440 buy-now-1 offers you professional quality sound at an affordable price. The pros include that they are easy to use, lightweight, and versatile. Plus, they offer a premium sound quality. In regards to cons this device has an outdated plastic deign, with a cumbersome cable that weighs down the device making it uncomfortable for long use. Overall, if you are looking for quality equipment at an affordable price these headphones will appeal to you.

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