Review: Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones


Sennheiser has always been known for their quality headphones. They have models which include; the 518, 558, 600 and 650 models. The most recently modified model is the HD 800 model. They are an excellent pair of headphones but they will cost you. The Sennheiser HD 800 model usually sells for around $1,400. It is a high price tag, but this model features upgrades from the previous models, plus an all new design.

These headphones are unique and unlike anything else on the market. This article will review the design, features and sound quality of The Sennheiser HD 800 headset.

The HD 800 Design

This headphone model looks and feels luxurious. They are made with precision and include; quality plastic, microfiber ear cushions and metal work. The ear cups are larger than normal and designed so that the drivers are placed to the front of listeners’ ears.

Weighing 330 grams they are perfectly balanced when on top of your head. Plus, the pressure from the ear pads is just right. Users will experience extreme comfort levels with this headset. They almost create a worm hole for your ears.

In regards to design, these headphones have a science fiction look that has been transported to present day. The design is open back for comfort and listening enhancements. They are big and are sure not to go unnoticed. However, they offer superior comfort especially when compared to the 500 and 600 model designs.


Sennheiser HD 800 Features

The Y-cable, attaches one cord to each ear cup, it is 10 feet long and covered with cloth. This wire is oxygen free copper, that has been silver plated and Kevlar reinforced for long term durability. Connect and disconnect the wire from the headphones with the Sennheiser’s new proprietary and patented connectors.

Unfortunately, no adapter is provided so if you want to plug into a standard 3.5 mm jack than you will need to purchase your own adapter separately. The phono plug has a base of 6.3 mm and is a solid metal piece that has been finished well.

With your purchase comes an elegant storage case to protect your newly purchase expensive headphones. These headphones have been assembled by hand and tested by manufacturers in Germany.

High profile headphones sound their best with a home theater or stereo set up. When working with an iPod or MP3 player their performance will not be up to par and doesn’t play loud enough when connected to these devices.

Sennheiser Sound Quality

Transducers that measure 56 mm in diameter and are shaped like a donut are the largest transducers available in a headset. They are unique because the vibrating diaphragm is on the outer ring as opposed to the circular interior. These headphones are able to produce a sound with less distortion than with conventional drivers.

Drivers can be found secured to the specially designed stainless steel supports located on the ear cups. It is designed this way to achieve a sound similar to what comes out of a speaker system. It is secured with a plastic frame, which helps with acoustics. If you ever need to replace a driver, Sennheiser is confident that they can replace it with an exact copy.

With the HD 800 model users can connect their music and immerse themselves to a new dimension of sound. There is so much resolution and detail, enjoy a fine tuned balance of music. It is like listening to music through high quality speakers and not headphones. Due to the position of the transducers, the music sounds like its coming from the front and not the side.

The Verdict

There is no denying that the Sennheiser HD 800 model is top of the line. I mean the price speaks for itself. With these headphones users will experience great engineering, top of the line quality, extremely accurate sound quality, detachable cables and very comfortable design for over your ears.

The only downsides are they are very expensive, they don’t work well with your iPod and it doesn’t come with an adapter to connect with standard 3.5 mm jacks.

At the end of the day music listening with this HD 800 model buy-now-1 headset is like being in a room with full size speakers, it doesn’t get better than that.

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