Review: Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones


One of Sennheiser’s most high end headsets is the HD 650. They have been available for a while and are still a top competitor in the world of music. This model offers a few improvements over the HD 600 model and are extremely comfortable. They are an audiophile-grade headset that is full size.

The Sennheiser HD 650 headset is used both personally and professionally, users will not be disappointed. This article will review the features, design and sound quality of this device.

The Sennheiser HD Features

The cables for this headset are copper and easily replaceable. They attach to the ear cups and have been reinforced with Kevlar, so they don’t make noise if you are head banging.

Attached to these headphones is a 10 foot cable that has a ¼ inch plug at the end which is gold plated, plus, there is a short 1/8 inch cable adapter which is also boasts a lustrous gold finish.

Due to their design these headphones are intended for at home use, instead of listening on the go. They also require a lot of power so they do not work well with MP3 players or iPods since they won’t be able to have enough juice to achieve a high volume.

Greatly designed for those music listeners that really want to hear loud music. The transducers are open and dynamic, each feature, design characteristic and technical specification contributes to the overall success and performance of this headset.

This product comes with a 2 year warranty to protect your music listening investment. Achieve optimal results with recordings that are high resolution.

The HD 650 Design


These headphones definitely have a high class look and feel. The headband and ear cushions contain and thick padding, plus, they have a titanium and silver finish that is very appealing to the eye. However, these headphones are fairly heavy and weigh 9 ounces.

Despite their large build they are very comfortable, even after long hours of listening. These ear pads have a circumaural design and are covered with a black velour material. The ear cups are shaped like an elliptical and will barely touch the outside of your ears.

The metal grille on the outside of the headphones are stronger than the 600 model, as well, it has a tighter fit than the 600 model. Copper cables are reinforced with Kevlar and can be attached to the ear cups.

A dark black and silver metallic trim adds a nice finishing touch to these headphones. If you are very stylish these will be quite suitable for you. In terms of appearance you will gladly enjoy music in style.

Sennheiser Sound Quality

Distortion is minimized (to a level of less than 0.05%) with this headset with the neodymium magnets that have been optimized by the computer. Drivers are also hand chosen to be sure that the right and left matching tolerances are precise.

The voice coils are lightweight and made of aluminum, which ensures a fast and accurate transient response. Enjoy a frequency response of 10 to 39,500 Hz, with a powerful impedance of 300 Ohms and a sound pressure level of 103 dB.

For the best in sound quality, this device should be used with a home-theater system. Users will experience fuller bass than with any other headset, experience the sound like its right there in the room with you.

All types of music sound great with these headphones. The only is laid back feature is the treble. You will still feel like you are at a live performance with acoustic sounds. The sound is extremely clean and sounds great at very high volume levels.

In Conclusion

Even though these headphones may not keep out all noise, or provide a 5.1 channel sound, or be compatible with your cell phone they are still pretty close to perfect and one of the top selling headsets available on the market today.

On the positive side, these headphones are high tech and well fashioned with a great bass sound and very comfortable design. In regards to the negatives they don’t work with your iPhone or iPods and they are very expensive.

However, this HD 650 model buy-now-1 is fit for the King and Queen. If you want to listen to music like royalty then you have found the right pair.


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