[Review] Sennheiser CX 300 II Earbuds


The Sennheiser CX300 II is not your standard in-the-ear earbud set. They are one of the best in-ear designs available. These headphones are easily transportable and great for those with an active lifestyle.

The Sennheiser Design

This design is great for users who travel a lot, have an active lifestyle or those who find other over-the-ear headsets cumbersome. They come with custom sized (small, medium and large) silicon ear pieces for a comfortable fit.

If you are looking for style and variety these earbuds come in white, silver, gold, black, red, pink, chrome and steel blue. While they are available in a variety of colors black and silver are the most common and easiest to find on sale. They also come with a small pouch for convenient carrying, storage and to keep your cable from getting knotted.

These headphones have an L-shaped plug and gold plated connector. It also has a stereo connection of 3.5 mm. The cable is asymmetrical and 1.2 m (3.9 feet) in length, providing freedom for the user to move around. There is no microphone, so these buds are listen only and compatible with a 1/8 inch jack. Great for smartphones, tablets and other portable music devices.


The cable is designed ergonomically as a neck chain. Its asymmetrical design fits best when the longer side is placed behind the users neck and then into the ear on the opposite side.

Wearing the cable this way decreases the cable in front of the body, and improves performance during heavy activity. This design also helps reduce clutter and tangling.

Some users would prefer a shorter cable but if worn properly the asymmetrical design will suit most music lovers well.

CX 300 II Characteristics

The CX 300 II is made by Sennheiser. This company has been manufacturing headphones for over 60 years. Each product they make has a mission; to keep the vision and sound of the artist alive and true. The company’s mission helps them to develop the best quality product for a wide range of music. Bringing listening pleasure to music lovers around the world.

These headphones provide dynamic drivers with a frequency response of 19 -21,000 Hz. Armature drivers may produce a better sound but the dynamic drivers allow this device to be priced more affordably, while still maintaining great sound qaulity. Frequency response measures the ability of the earbuds to equally recreate frequencies. Humans can only hear sounds within a range of 20 – 20,000 Hz, so while the frequency range on these headphones isn’t large, they fall into the perfect range for listening.

This model has an impedance of 16 ohms, this is standard for in-the-ear headphones. Lower impedance levels are good for using with battery operated devices.

The sensitivity is a 113 dB (1 kHz/1Vrms) sound pressure level. Due to its sensitivity level and impedance, this device is not recommended for sound engineers or DJ’s, but it works great for personal use with small home devices like an iPod or tablet.

Weighing only 3.5 ounces this device is small and light enough to wear for hours of music listening without discomfort. Some people have experienced difficulties keeping them securely on their ears but for others they are so light may even forget they are wearing them.

The CX 300 II comes with a two year warranty. In the event of product failure; which can happen from time to time, the manufacturers are fully capable and quick to handle any issues in regards to the warranty.

Sound Quality

Users will experience a warm and precise sound. Isolation is achieved due to the various sized ear plugs. Their high quality speakers deliver a bass driven sound that satisfies your music listening needs but will not over power you.

While this device may not have balanced armature drivers (when electric current moves throughout a wrapped coil) that are specially tuned like more expensive earbuds, they still produce very high quality sound. Experience clarity and dynamics that are great for all kinds of music including; rock, dance and even jazz.

Users say that this device offers; solid, powerful, bass-driven sound that does not overwhelm. Others feel that it is a great option if you don’t need a mic and want to replace the low quality headphones that came with your portable media player.

Overall the quality of sound is good but not as striking as some other more expensive headphones. Don’t be fooled by the size as there is nothing small about the performance level of this device.

The Verdict

For an affordable price, the Sennheiser CX 300 II buy-now-1 comes with good sound and a strong bass. It offers features that are convenient, comfortable and ergonomic. If you are looking for headphones for your portable media player these earbuds are a great replacement option.

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