Review: Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset


The Razer Brand has become well known for their quality PC gaming devices. The Carcharias model offers no special effects or features, it is simply comfortable and sounds great! Users will be able to experience a superior level headset for their gaming purpose, and while it is not loaded with fancy tricks or features, it offers a superior sound and comfort.

This article will review the design, features and sound quality of the Razer Carcharias.

The Carcharias Design

This headset has a sleek black design. Play in style with this all black design, everything from the microphone to the headband is black. The ear cups fit completely over the user’s ear, they are also well padded and large, meaning it’s designed for the most comfortable fit ever.

The headband is comfortable, and it contains a soft foam padding. The headband is adjustable (through the use of wire framed sliders) to find that perfect fit. On the outside of the ear cups, you will find the Razer logo on top of a sleek metal grille.

Even though this Razer model is a fairly large headset it is lightweight (it weighs only 7.94 ounces), making it comfortable even after long hours of use. The left ear cup contains a boom microphone, which has a swivel of 270 degrees.


Users are overall, very pleased with this headset’s comfort, design, style and performance.

Razer Features

One of the most pronounced features on this headset is the boom microphone that protrudes out from the left ear cup. This microphone can swivel around at 270 degrees, making it possible to disappear completely out of your range of sight.

This device is completely compatible with any device containing a standard ⅛ inch jack for headphones. The cable is an extended length measuring almost 10 feet long. It is made from a braided cloth and offers more than enough length and flexibility for any type of movement or activity.

The cable is complete with a clothing clip that makes it easy to access and keeps the long cord from tangling. There is also a remote on the cable that controls the volume and a toggle switch for the microphone which gives volume control and muting options.

At the end of the cable there is two jacks each ⅛ inch. One jack is for the audio input and the other is for the microphone. While most people do prefer wireless models, this cable is long enough to give you the freedom you need during gaming, chat session or even while listening to music.

Carcharias Sound Quality

In a chat based game session this microphone performs well. However, the position of the microphone is slightly awkward. Despite the position of the microphone, other players are able to hear the user crystal clear, offering great audio performance. It is easy to get lost in the game.

Voice isolation is available on the microphone. However, while this feature is helpful, the noise filter option on the microphone seems to perform better on ambient noise that is going on towards the front of you rather than behind you.

In terms of audio quality this headset performs at a frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz, with a 32 ohms impedance and a sensitivity rating of 102 dB. Crystal clear sound comes from the 40 mm Neodymium speakers.

While this headset does not offer users a booming bass sound, it offers an alternative of bass sounds that are low-level but yet sophisticated and packs their own unique punch.

The Verdict

Overall this gaming headset offers users a rich and thick sound quality, it is extremely comfortable, it offers good performance for gaming, music and microphone purposes. Users can take advantage of the lightweight design and cable of additional length. Plus, it offers VoIP chatting. The only strong downside is that the microphone is not easily adjustable. However, this can be overlooked because of the many strong qualities. Plus the best part is this headset can be owned for under $80 buy-now-1.

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