Review: Razer BlackShark Over Ear PC Gaming Headset


Gamers that want to win are just like soldiers in combat. They need to be focused with little distraction, in order to win and come out on top.

The Razor BlackShark over the ear noise isolating headset was built to do just that for the gamer. Gamers can stay focused and achieve the win when they are locked into the sound with this headset. This article will review the design, features and sound quality of the BlackShark PC gaming headset.

The BlackShark Design

Inspired by the military and aviator headphones worn by helicopter attack pilots, these headphones are sure to provide the focus you need in even the most hectic gaming situation. After all if they are inspired by the military, no one needs to be more focused than them.

Enjoy a top notch sound isolation and superior level comfort for the long gaming mission. The design is over the ear, they are complete with a leatherette seal over the ear cups. This seal blocks any undesirable noise, so all you hear is the audio of your music and games.

Experience maximum comfort with the circumnatural memory foam ear cups, which contribute to the sound isolation.

Measuring 10.2 by 9.4 by 5.2 inches and weighing just one pound it is ideal for your gaming needs. One pound is heavy and some users are not comfortable with the weight, however its metal construction is durable and built to last.


This device is designed for the ideal gaming on the go situation. Works both at home and out in the streets. The microphone is detachable as well for your convenience and it offers separate 3.5 mm output and input ports.

The Razor Features

The BlackShark Over the Ear headset comes with a boom microphone. It is detachable making the headset versatile for use at home and outside. Move from an intense gaming combat situation to listening to music outside.

With a combination mic/audio cable, your headset is compatible with all portable devices, including; iPod, Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Macbook Pro, Razer Blade and even Ultrabooks.

Also included is a splitter cable that offers an extension for the audio and mic. This allows for use on computers with a separate audio output and microphone input 3.5 mm ports.

Users enjoy an input power of 50mW with a 1.3m rubber sheathed cable. It connects with a audio and microphone combination jack, measuring 3.5 mm.

The microphone is not too shabby either. It has a unidirectional pickup pattern, with a 50Hz to 16 KHz frequency response and -37 dB sensitivity with a signal to noise ratio of 50 dB.

Razer BlackShark Sound Quality

This headset gives gamers and music lovers a stereo sound experience with the bass enhanced for great sound effects.

Combined with the neodymium magnet drivers measuring 40mm, and a voice coil made of copper-clad aluminum, you are sure to get your monies worth. Experience a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20KHz, with an impedance of 29 ohms and sensitivity of 105 dB.

The superior quality sound isolation blocks all unwanted noise allowing for only the desired sound of your games or audio to resonate into your ears.

There is room for improvement with the bass sound but overall, users were very satisfied with the product.

Overall most users feel that this headset offers a great sound, especially with the noise isolation. The quality of sound and noise cancellation are top notch, however the microphone does leave something to be desired.

The Verdict

If you want superior focus, sound quality and noise cancellation, you can’t find a better product for the price. These headphones are not perfect and users do have some issues with the microphone, comfort, and the headsets overall size and weight. These things can be overlooked for the military like gaming experience you will achieve with the Razer BlackShark Headphones buy-now-1.

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