[Review] Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset


Plantronics headsets have been in the communication field for decades. Manufacturers are pleased to deliver consumers cordless high quality, Bluetooth headphones. This product was designed to free your hands while on the phone. The following is a comprehensive review of the Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset made by Plantronics.

The Plantronics Design

The first thing you will notice about this product is that it will appear bulky. Its boom mic style is clearly larger than Plantronics competitors, like the Jawbone Era and Motorola Elite Silver.

Even though it’s bulky the over the ear model fits comfortably and securely on the user’s ear allowing for a great fit. The only downside to its comfort, is that you might forget you are wearing it and accidentally wear it all day. Its plastic material is durable and is stronger than the Jabra Supreme.

The microphone can be adjusted up to 140 degrees. This device pivots at the base so the user can use it on both ears by simply swivelling the ear piece. It also has three ear buds of different sizes for the best fit possible.

It is designed with smart sensor technology that responds immediately when you place the device on your ear. This allows the user to speedily answer the incoming call without even clicking on the device. The Voyager Legend also reports whose calling the user so you can decide whether to ignore or answer.

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The product is made with a military grade coating that makes the headset water resistant from rain, sweat and even a minor coffee spill. However, while this product may advertise that it offers excellent moisture protection, it cannot be fully submersed in water. The plastic material, while reliable, can break after frequent use.

Voyager Characteristics

The best thing about this headset is its Smart Sensor Tech. It instinctively routes calls to the headset, allowing you to answer immediately, by just putting it on the ear. There is no need to push a button or apps to open. If the headset is already on your ear, the Legend will announce the caller’s name and wait for your response. If you say “Ignore” the call will go to voicemail, if you respond “Answer” the call will begin.

This device is complete with audio voice alerts that will inform the user about connection status, battery level, remaining talk time and mute.

Another handy feature is that users can check battery life status by simply tapping the voice command button once. Easy access to programs like; Google Now, Siri, or Cortana are also available by tapping on the call button. While these buttons are great for easy access, they are often easily hit by mistake as well.

Charging is easy, with the magnetic connection. This is better than the standard USB connection. However this technology is fairly new, and some users still prefer the traditional USB charging method. A traveling magnetic charging case is also available. Unfortunately this is not included in the original purchase and will have an additional fee.

From Plantronics.com you can download the MyHeadset Updater tool. This app will allow you to personalize your phone (sensors, language and others). There are also other free apps available online. The InstantMeeting app works great for conference calls with your Android, Apple or other Smartphone.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality is probably the most important item you need to consider. This device comes with a 15.4 mm wideband audio driver. The wideband helps voices to sound clear and natural, due to its high frequencies. There are rich lows and shiny highs in the audio with this device.

Plantronics has a microphone system that include three microphones. To remove background noise there is a 21-band equalizer. Even if the user is in busy traffic the person on the other end will have no idea.

This device has a range of 33 feet, this is pretty common for most Bluetooth 3.0 devices. However, while it remains connected at 33 feet the best sound quality is achieved at distances less than 18 feet. In fact, sound quality makes significant decreases after 18 to 20 feet.

Integrated with this device is A2DP. This allows for clearly streamed music or media from your smartphone or tablet. There is also a Vocalyst app that will allow users to generate text messages, social media updates, reminders and emails, vocally. This app also reads your incoming texts, updates, reminders and emails to you.

The Bottom Line

Most users are in agreement that the biggest downside to this product is its size and weight. It is one of the biggest Bluetooth models available. Even still, the Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset buy-now-1 is great if you are on the go, in the car or even at your home. This device takes hands free to a whole new level with its advanced audio options and controls.

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