[Review] Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 Earbud Headphones


The Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 is an upgrade from the GO 1 version. These earbuds are lightweight, have a sleek design and they securely fit even on the most active users. This article will review the design, sound quality and characteristics of these wireless headphones.

The Go 2 Design

The Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 is a slight innovation of the GO 1 model. The GO 2 model measures 1.8 by 7.1 by 4.9 inches and weighs only 0.8 of an ounce. It features two small ear buds on a flattened tangle-free cord. The cord contains an inline remote and a tiny mic, located in a small rectangle box near the ear.

The BackBeat GO 2 is compatible with Androids, iPads, iPhones, and smartphone units. However, this system cannot simultaneously connect to two devices. Also, if you are not using one of the compatible options you will not be able to enjoy this wireless design.

This product is water resistant. The P2i nano-coating that covers these earbuds are water and sweat resistant. Which is a great feature for those who are extremely active. While these headphones are water resistant they are not designed for profundity and submersion, so you will not be able to go swimming with them.

The GO 2 is designed with a traveling case, which can be used to safely store your headphones while not in use and for charging your headphones up to an additional 10 hours. It is made of durable nylon and the headset fits perfectly. It is important to know that these earbuds will not play while charging. While this case is a great idea, it is not included with your purchase and will be an additional charge.


Included with this product is a Mini-USB connector for charging, 3 pairs of ear-tips in multiple sizes and stabilizers built into the ear buds. Plus, they come in both black and white.

Plantronics Features

The BackBeat GO 2 is excellent for watching movies, listening to music and answering calls, up to ten feet away. With this wireless device you can activate Siri, Google Now, and Cortana Voice-Controlled smartphone assistants.

The remote has a few buttons, the middle button will start and end calls, redial, and pause your music. Volume is controlled by the two outside buttons and they serve a dual purpose as they also allow users to skip tracks. However in order to skip tracks or go back user will need to hold the button down for a longer period of time.

The biggest challenge with these headphones is that battery life only lasts around 4.5 to 5 hours, so frequent users will need to recharge often. With the DeepSleep Setting users can hibernate their earbuds and store them away from their portable media device, in order to lengthen the battery life for up to six months.

A battery meter will automatically display onscreen with your iPads and iPhones. With androids the battery meter gadget activates a headset meter. There is also an LED on the earbud, it will turn from red to blue if the battery has been fully charged.

The Plantronics BackBeat charging case when fully charged increases listening time to 14.5 hours. Just 20 minutes of charging with the case will provide another hour of performance. There is a battery icon on the travel case if you it on LED it will blink and show you the batter level for the case.

The BackBeat Sound Quality

Users will experience a deep and accurate bass sound. With the assistance of the Noise Cancellation mode, the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and a complete Duplex all the echoing and feedback are eliminated.

These headphones have a frequency response of 20 – 20,000 Hz, with a 5% harmonic distortion, and a sensitivity of 104 dB/mW.

Included are three sets of different sized earbuds to get you the best fit and seal in the sound. The sound is full and very dynamic. Users find that it can be equalized to suit your preference and comfort.

While the GO 2 may be wireless it does not reinforce the aptX, however, the BBG2 sounds fine. Many users have enjoyed listening to music especially those with high levels of bass and sound effects. Movies also sound great due to the bass booster.

The call quality with these earbuds are good. Users can hear the person calling them clearly and the callers can hear the user as well. However, as with any other model the closer you hold the mic to your mouth the better the sound.

The Verdict

The Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 buy-now-1 are available at an affordable price and have some great wireless features. They may not be everyone’s favorite, but it will depend on your needs. If you like a deep bass sound in your music and movies and you are very actives these headphones are a good fit. The biggest issue to watch out for is their battery life.

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