[Review] Pioneer HDJ-500 Headphones

Pioneer HDJ-500 Headphones

Which is the best pair of headphones you can purchase on a budget of only a hundred dollars?

This was the question that was put to us by one of the readers of this site, a few days ago.

And after doing some in-depth research and testing out a wide range of low-priced models, we finally came up with a winner…

The Pioneer HDJ-500.

Here’s why we believe this device provides the best bang for your buck:

In addition to having a modern and elegant design which really makes it stand out in a crowd, it also delivers an exceptional performance in terms of sound.

And while this gadget has been specifically created for DJs, audiophiles and music aficionados are sure to be impressed with it too.

With that said, read on for a more detailed review of this fantastic product.

Exceptional Sound Quality

These are hands down one of the best sounding phones priced under $100.

With crisp, clear highs, lovely mids and a deep and refined bass that’s not overwhelming or overstated in the slightest, the Pioneer HDJ-500 delivers a listening experience that’s both superior and magical.

In fact, here’s a quick breakdown of the quality of sound:

Bass – 7.5/10
Mid – 9/10
Treble – 8/10
Distribution of sound – A full 10/10

Simply put, once you slip on the HDJ-500, you’ll not even think about switching over to another set of cans – it’s that good!

Moving on to our next point…

Really Lightweight + Comfy

Another advantage of this unit is the level of comfort it provides to the wearer. Not only is it super light in weight, it is also very comfortable.

The ear cushions are nice and thick (thereby ensuring good air circulation) and the headband is ultra soft too.

Furthermore, the right ear cup is designed to rotate easily, which means monitoring is as simple as turning the piece upwards.

The HDJ-500 scores in the ‘looks’ department as well, making it a popular choice amongst style-conscious deejays and music lovers.


You get all of the standard extras including a lengthy coiled cable (ideal for DJ’ing), a ¼” adaptor and a short straight cord (ideal for casual listening). Oh and in case you’re wondering, the cord is detachable.

Also, the cables come equipped with a useful hook system that prevents them from being yanked out accidentally. Plus, the shorter coil is similar to the curled telephone wire, which is a plus as it makes it easier to move around freely in the DJ booth.

Features And Specifications

  • Great bass response
  • Absolutely fantastic quality of sound
  • State of the art engineering and sleek design
  • Amazingly light structure
  • Comes with FREE 30-day tech support – a team of qualified technicians are at the ready to assist you with any issues regarding setting up, configuring, connecting and troubleshooting your gadget.

Customer Reviews

At the time of publishing this review, the Pioneer HDJ-500 has over 80 reviews on Amazon, with an amazing average customer feedback score of 4.5 stars out of 5.

And while the majority of testimonials are positive, a few buyers reported a couple of minor drawbacks:

For instance, these cans tend to become a tad uncomfortable after wearing them for long hours. To overcome this, just take off your phones every now and then.

Also, it would be great if you’re able to fold up the device because this way, it would be a lot more portable. Then again, this isn’t a major snag; after all, you cannot have everything, can you?

Overall, many consumers were of the opinion that this particular model:

  • Delivers awesome sound quality
  • Has an incredibly lightweight design
  • Looks extremely stylish
  • Is attractively priced


All in all, the Pioneer HDJ-500 Headphones buy-now-1 is an absolute steal, considering the outstanding quality of sound it delivers and the superb value for money it provides.

We would definitely recommend these to any DJ or music lover that’s looking to purchase a top notch pair of cans under $100.

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