[Review] Parrot Zik Headphones vs Zik 2.0

Through the collaborative effort of the Parrot industry and Philippe Starck the Parrot Zik and Zik 2.0 headphones were created. Both of these headphones are packed with versatile features that will fulfil your music listening demands.

This review will compare both the Original Zik and the Zik 2.0 headphones.

The Parrot Zik Headphones


The Parrot Zik headphone is known for its remarkable design and high-end price. Unfortunately this headset does not fit everyone’s budget.

They are designed for long hours of comfortable use. Background noise is eliminated with the active and passive noise cancelation options. The sound is high quality but with their high price it still leaves users wanting more.

This devices offers Bluetooth Interconnection, a sensitive touch control, head and jawbone sensor, and an audio enhancer for DSP application software. Both android smartphones and iPhones are compatible with this product. Most users are pleased with the overall performance of this headset but the wireless Bluetooth left much to be desired.

With all features in use, this headset has a battery life of six hours. This is shorter than most headphones. Recharging the batteries takes about 2.5 hours.

Also included with this product is a mini jack, a USB cable for charging and updates, and a carrying pouch to protect your gear.

Zik 2.0 Headphones


The Zik 2.0 headphones are a transformation from the original Zik. They offer top notch features which differ slightly from the original model, but they are priced similarly. Consumers are confused by the similar pricing.

These headphones are attractive and come in many colors. The headband is thick and padded for comfort but some users find them to be less comfortable than the original model.

Zik 2.0 has active noise cancelling, making them really great for air travel. A smart-touch panel allows user to control their music and HD sound quality. Consider the weather, as these headphones are not water proof. There is also a text-to speech option for Caller ID. When a call comes in, your music is paused and the caller’s name is stated.

This product also contains, wireless Bluetooth audio streaming, and high quality sound with 32 bits of processing. A free Parrot App is installed for live concert effects that can be shared with others.

Zik Design Differences


Upon comparison of the two devices, the Original Zik is slightly larger and heavier than the Zik 2.0. This was in efforts to make the Zik 2.0 more comfortable for the user.

Both devices have an attractive and expensive appeal which are modelled with the metal rotating armatures and sophisticated cushioned ear-cups. They are also very similar in price, however the Zik 2.0 comes in many different colors for your preference and the ear pieces are slightly more round.

As far as features are concerned the Zik 2.0 has 8 microphones, whereas the original Zik only has 5. HD telephony and a World Nose map are offered in the Zik 2.0 and not in the original version. Both headsets offer touch control, Bluetooth technology and NFC.

Users have found the touchpad on the Zik 2.0 to be more difficult than the original model since it is not as sensitive. Plus charging this device takes 2.5 hours. One area that could still use improvement is the call quality.

Zik Sound Quality Differences

In regards to sound quality and use, the Zik 2.0 offers 18 hours of use, while the original Zik only offers 7 hours. Also, the noise cancelation on the 2.0 is adaptive whereas the original model has analog noise cancelation.

While both devices offer the Concert Hall effect, only the Zik 2.0 gives users the option for Street Mode. This mode allows users to switch off from total isolation and stay in tune with their surroundings.

Plus the Zik 2.0 model offers a number of artist pre-sets to get the best sound for your music, while the original Zik model only has one artist pre-set. With Zik 2.0 you can even share your pre-sets with other users.

With the original Zik users experienced a frequency range of 10 – 20 kHz. The Zik 2.0 offers a fully customized frequency response. It has a professional equalizer that customizes the device with a free built-in application. While great sound is offered, ultimately the best audio comes when you are connected to the Bluetooth.

The Verdict

These wireless headphones were both created by the Parrot Company. Zik 2.0 was developed in efforts to meet the needs of their customers. The manufacturers tweaked the design and features of the original Zik and came out with the new and improved Zik 2.0.

Both devices are powerful wireless headphones, but overall the Zik 2.0 buy-now-1 is slightly advanced. However, the Parrot Industry and Philippe Starck still have room to grow with this headset, especially when it comes to call quality.

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