[Review] New Jawbone Era 2014 Bluetooth Headset


The Jawbone Era Bluetooth Headset is an upgrade of the original Era. When the original Era was released four years ago, it received praise for its attractive looks and exceptional sound quality. This new Era is smaller and more refined. This device offers a combination of great looks, high performance and an affordable price.

The New Era Features

This headset is compatible with all your portable media devices and features the Jawbone App for customization.

The Jawbone App allows users to download apps that are compatible with their phone and allows for special programing of languages and other settings. Download Siri or Google Now to get complete hands free programing.

Setting up of this device is extremely easy, even your child could do it. Simply turn on the headset, hold down the command button, then your device will start into pairing mode. Your devices will be linked quickly, it is very user friendly. The Jawbone ERA even has a built in location device, in the event your headset is lost temporarily. Users can be confident they will never lose their device.

This device also has some abilities that are not necessary but fun for the user. Users can customize their ERA to speak to them in custom voices. You can choose from a number of different characters. Plus, it keeps you updated with your appointments. It will send you alerts and automatically dial into your conference call.

jawbone_era_10   jawbone_era_7 jawbone_era_8

On a full charge the lithium ion battery can last for up to 4 hours of performance. Users who are on the phone frequently throughout the day find this battery life to be too short. However, it also comes with a charging case that has the ability to double your talk time.

New Era Sound Quality

The sound quality of this device is unique. With wideband speakers it delivers Hi-Definition Audio while talking on the phone or listening to music. This offers a significant improvement in volume over the original model without losing sound quality.

Volume of calls and music is crisp and clear with this device, but it is missing a specific volume control button. In order to adjust the volume you must hold the command button for a moment and allow the volume to cycle up and down.

Talking on this device is clear, it uses MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems) microphones. This new technology is designed to fit inside this small device. Its DSP is custom made and allows your voice to come through crisp and clear to the caller.

What sets this device apart from other Bluetooth sets is the Noise Assassin 4.0 Technology. A microphone picks up vibrations from the users skin. This allows it to determine the difference between talking and the surrounding noise. When this technology works it’s great, but it has not been known to be 100% reliable. The only way this works properly is if the microphone is touching the users face.

The Bluetooth in this new Era model has a range of around 33 feet or 10 meters but its frequencies cannot pass through a dense wall. However, users have found that sound quality begins to suffer to only 20 feet.

The New Era Design

jawbone_era_5jawbone_era_4   Jawbone_Era_35834895_12

This device is designed to fit your face and be discrete. Those passing by may not even notice this device is being used. It is very small and measures less than 2 inches long. It weighs only 0.2 ounces, and has a squared shape. This device is available in silver, bronze, black and red models.

The ear tips are finned and the device comes with different sizes for the perfect fit. Users can feel confident that their device is secure and will not draw attention. It is so comfortable you won’t even know you are wearing it, and neither will others. Some users have commented that due to the awkward shape the earpiece leaves a funny feeling in your ear after removal, but finding the right size should help.

Since this headset is so small there are not many controls. The bottom side contains a very small switch that controls the power. While very small, at times this switch may rub against your cheek, causing a slight irritation.

On the back end, there is one button. This button has a number of different functions based on the combination of presses. There is also an LED light. The light changes based on the mode of the headset. At times this color change can become distracting.

In Conclusion

The Jawbone Era Bluetooth headset buy-now-1 is an upgrade from the original design. It offers more features and sleekness, without putting a dent in your wallet. Its compatibility with other gadgets and apps works well for the tech savvy individual.

Users have been concerned with the low battery life however this device is still truly a workhorse in the field of communication. It is one of the smallest Bluetooth devices available, it is great if you want to go unnoticed while on the phone.

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