Review: New Beats Studio 2.0 Wired Headphones


The beats brand is one of the most well-known and popular brand of headsets. This 2.0 model is completely reimagined and redesigned from the original model. It is stronger, lighter, more comfortable, and more stylish. Plus it offers a better, more precise sound quality.

It has everything that you would expect with a Beats model headset, but with more powerful and clear sound. Enjoy features like; noise cancellation, a remote and a rechargeable battery, just to name a few. This article will review the features, design and sound quality of the Beats Studio 2.0 Wired Headset.

The Beats Features

Similar to the wireless model Beats studio headset this device comes built with a digital signal processor also called DSP. Also, inside is the Beats Acoustic Engine software.

The active noise cancellation has two modes. In the first mode users can balance their music with the outside world and in the second mode users can completely shut out the rest of the world.

A 20 hour battery life is possible with the lithium rechargeable battery. This is charged with the included Micro-USB cable. Monitor battery life with the LED five light fuel gauge to indicate remaining charge.

Included with your purchase is a straight cord with an iOS compatible remote and a microphone for phone calls, this is called the RemoteTalk Cable. Also in the box is a 2.0 USB Charging cable, USB power adapter, and a 3.5 mm audio cable. Plus, a carry case with a hard shell and a quick start guide.

The Studio 2.0 Design


In comparison to the classic model Beats Studio headphones the new model is about 13% lighter and even sturdier. The sound is detailed and they even have an ergonomic fit for comfort with every shaped head. Long hours of use is not a problem, the fit is comfortably snug. However, your ears will get hot in warmer climates.

Available in white, black and red, these headphones have been made from a durable plastic. The black model attracts finger prints but included with your purchase is a small cloth to keep your headset clean and looking nice. The ear cups are softer than the original model and offers a custom fit for every head shape.

Like other Beats models this headset has no visible screws. This over the ear, headset can be folded down to fit into the included carrying case for your headsets storage and protection. Weighing only 0.26 kg, with a height of 203 mm, this device is lightweight and versatile.

The Studio Sound Quality

While these are not an audiophile headset they do offer a significant sound improvement over the original Beats Studio model. The original model had an overwhelming bass but these will not overwhelm you. They offer an energetic bass with detail and a treble push.

The sound isn’t as accurate as some other high end models but it is still very enjoyable to listen too. As well, the noise cancellation feature works very well. True to the Beats brand the bass sound definitely delivers. Vocals are good but not as natural as most would like. It lacks a richness that makes the voices sound real.

Like other noise cancelling headsets, this device does have a small hiss. However, this is barely noticeable in a quiet room. These headphones have a more detailed and forward sound that other high end models, this makes them sound even better in a noisy environment. Making them a great headset for on the go users.

The Verdict

While they are not cheap the Beats Studio 2.0 wired model headset buy-now-1 is stronger, lighter and sounds better than the original model beats. It shows a significant improvement over the original. The best part about this headset is that it offers users a comfortable fit. Plus it has noise cancelation and up 20 hours of battery life. They even come with a carrying case. On the down side they produce a slight hissing noise, which is caused by the noise cancellation feature. Also when the internal battery dies the headphones will not work. Plus, they carry a large price tag.

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