[Review] Monster iSport Victory In-Ear Headphones

monster isport victory

The Monster iSport Victory In-Ear Headphones take music listening while being active to the next level. The manufacturers purposefully structured these headphones to provide tip-top comfort, durable performance and an incredible sound quality. This article will discuss its design, characteristics and sound quality.

The iSport Victory Design

Accompanied by quality materials and exceptional features you get more value at a reasonable price. These headphones offer extreme comfort, and a firm grip on your ears with the earhook design. The advanced OmniTip technology allows you to train intensely without worrying about your headset.

The rotating nozzle is an extra feature that adjusts to any angle while the athlete is in motion. Plus, this 90 degree jack is firm and solid so it won’t hinder your running or training. Users will have the freedom to move as they please.

These headphones work perfect for the snowboarder, cycler, runner and extreme sports individual. You can even wear a hat, helmet or sunshades and the headphones will still fit snugly without losing their grasp. Some users have found that this is only true for a short time, eventually they start to lose their grip.

This headset was designed to weather rain and sweat. This happens due to the advanced seal that stops sweat and water from infiltrating the electronics. However, while water proof they do not smell great if not washed frequently.


The iSport Victory is only compatible with iOS devices. When used with a compatible iOS device user can control their music and calls. If you are not an iOS user this is not the headset for you.

Monster Characteristics

With this headset there is no need to stop running and answer a call or adjust the volume. The ControlTalk In-Line Microphone with buttons allows the user to answer or reject calls immediately while in motion. There is also a hands-free control strictly for iPads, iPhones and iPods.

The in-ear sport clip model is fastened tight enough to withstand intense running and even jumping. This headset is quite user-friendly and durable to support long hours of intense running and performance.

These headphones are lightweight and provide comfort while in use. Simply be mindful they can break easily if accidently mishandled.

Another great feature is the twist and tangle-free structure of the cord. Keep active without worrying about tangling your cord. However, even though it is tangle free, users have complained about it breaking after several months of hard-core use.

Your headphone purchase includes a case that protects your gear from wear and tear. Users will benefit from storing their headset while not in use. Be mindful that the clasp pouch is not quite durable.

The Monster manufacturers provide a 1 year limited warranty along with a manual and clear instructions and illustrations. Operational, functional and maintenance tips are also provided.

Sound Quality

The Monster iSport Victory topples other brands like Klipsch, Yurbuds, and Bower models in terms of sound quality, fit and performance. This product boasts a refined technology that makes it easy to use and enjoy.

Manufacturers offer top notch sound quality with the 24K Gold-plated contacts that produce a clear and clean audio for both music and incoming calls. The volume controls on the inline mics are easy to reach and require a slight touch of the finger to keep control of volume, track selection and incoming calls.

The Complete Noise Isolation feature is great but other headset models have tested better. However, complete noise isolation is not safe when you are working out in heavily trafficked areas. If would be wise to lower your volume and become aware of your surroundings.

Sound quality produced by the iSport Victory stimulates the user to engage intensively in exercise. Thanks to the MicroStrand Conductors a dynamic, crisp cut sound is produced. It will get your heart pumping to the beat of the music.

The beauty of this headset is that it adapts to any style of music including; jazz, disco and modern rock. With equalized mids, lows and highs your music listening and running will elevate to the next level.

The Verdict

The iSport Victory In-Ear Headphone buy-now-1 are great for the active person with an iOS device. If you are looking for a great headset that will stay put and fit under your head gear, then the iSport Victory is a great fit. Just be sure to take good care of the headset as they are vulnerable to wear and tear.

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