[Review] Monster Inspiration Headphones

Monster Inspiration Headphones

Do not let the news about the scandalous event of Dr. Dre and Beats breaking partnership distract you from checking out the Monster Inspiration headphones. The Inspiration by Monster is a solid, colorful, over the ear headphone that emits amazing and clear music reproduction.

They headphones come in two different versions and two different prices. The passive noise reduction model is $299.95 and the active noise reduction model costs $349.95. The only visible difference between the two Monster Inspiration models is that the passive noise reduction model has a matte finish and the other active noise reduction model has a shiny finish.

Both models are getting rave reviews from the public and industry! The sound reproduction, looks, weight, comfortable fit, and above solid construction seem to be satisfying audiophiles everywhere.

Appearance, Comfort, and Construction

Specifications for the Monster Inspiration have been kept a secret, which seems to be a Monster (Beats) trend. But the headphones do appear to be very, very light.

They are over the ear and are fold up for convenience. A nice leather-looking (it may be leather, it is very soft and supple) carrying case comes with the purchase.

The headband and ear cups of the Inspiration are both comfortable and breathable – and the headband is thick, nicely padded, and constructed in a quality fashion.

The padding is absolutely just right. You can purchase an extra headband cover at Moster Inspiration for $30.00. The bands come in a plethora of colors:

  • Green
  • Purple
  • Pink rose
  • Teal
  • Cobalt
  • Tangerine
  • Ballistic nylon (black)
  • Lizard white
  • Perforated (black)
  • Ox blood

And if you keep your eye on the Monster website, you will see that on occasion, additional limited color options and patterned designs are available for purchase.

There are three detachable cables – one of the cables is compatible to all Apple products, and also compatible to the Android and WP. There is a desirable integrated microphone for taking incoming cell phone calls.

The Inspiration ear cups are comfy with a nice tight fit. But they are not so tight that your ears get sweaty. Long wear use will not result in those annoying headaches you get with too tight cups. The cups are square, which makes them unique and a bit of a conversation piece.

The whole Inspiration unit appears to weigh less than twelve ounces. It is lightweight, but built in a sturdy fashion. There is not much mention of the Inspiration headphones breaking easily or being too heavy.

Making Magical Music

The Inspiration by Monster has a great sound reproduction. First of all, the entire genre equality is great, so no matter what type of music you like, it will sound good.

The snug ear cup fit means little to no leak. This is good for the listener and anyone in his vicinity. Because the specifications are kept secret, I am not sure of the ranges, impedance, weight, or frequency.

I have never heard one complaint about the music reproduction of the Monster Inspiration headphones – not one complaint! The treble of the Monster Inspiration is strong, but not too strong, the bass does not over-power it.

The bass of the headphones is deep and throaty, but not rattling and annoying. There is no distortion in delivery of your tunes. The range and frequency, though I do not have the specs, are above average. Overall, the headphones give a solid, true, and clear music listening experience to audiophiles.

Music Reproduction Perfection

Everything is just right with the Monster Inspiration headphones. The recent break-up with Dr. Dre has had no impact on the quality of the headphones at all!

The bass is good, the construction is quite solid, it comes with three cords, one has the mic/cell phone function, you can buy additional colorful headphones, the unit is lightweight, the square ear cuffs are unique… quite simply Monster has outdone itself with the Inspiration.

Since the only thing I can find annoying about the headphones is the lack of released specifications (and maybe the $30.00 headband replacement cost), I rank the Monster Inspiration headphones buy-now-1 a resounding ten out of ten, with ten being the highest possible rank. It is a no-brainer; the Inspiration headphones are the total package for the discriminating audiophile.

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One thought on “[Review] Monster Inspiration Headphones

  1. yves says:

    the sound is really good & the active noise cancellation work fine.

    the only down side of these headphones is the hear cushion that always get out of his track.

    thats the only bad thing ive found.

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