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The Marshall manufacturers are a highly distinguished company that have been catering to musicians and music lovers since the early 1960s. Since then their products have been known for transforming the music industry with high caliber music equipment including headphones.

Their Marshall Major Headphones have a versatile setup that takes pride in representing high quality features backed up by an incredible design that aids in producing a high caliber sound.

Marshall Major Features

The Marshall Major manufacturers are delighted to present their customers with excellent features like, soft ear-cushions that provide extreme comfort along with a headband that can adjust to the size of any head.

It is covered with a soft leather material, even though it is imitation leather it is strong enough to endure prolonged hours of performance. If you are someone that sweats profusely you may find that the leather will develop an unpleasant odor after sometime. Be sure to wipe the headset down regularly to prevent any smell.

The headphones have a retro appearance and include a Gold Finish mini-screw type adapter, which is a ¼ inch in size. Also, the ear cups are foldable and easy to store in their carrying case.

If you are a guitarist and want to enjoy jamming music in comfort and silence, provided is a 3.5mm to 6.25mm converter that allows the user to plug in their headphones into a Marshall amp.

Provided with this purchase is a 1 Year Limited Premium Warranty and a users’ guide that offers crystal clear instructions and illustrations on the maintenance and operations of your headset.

Marshall Major Design


These headphones are built to last and designed for prolonged hours of performance. They are well balanced, and the ear cups are covered with a rubberized leather type material that boasts the white Marshall signature.

Users will be happy with the 9 foot cable that includes a one-touch attachable 3.9 foot spiral cord, allowing users to change their cord at any time. When storing your headphones, be mindful to not bend or break the cord as it can develop a glitch that might produce a screeching feedback when connected to your portable devices.

There is also an inline mic with a one touch button that allows users to accept or decline incoming calls while using an iPhone or any other compatible devices. Be aware that the one touch button is sensitive and doesn’t always operate as intended. Pressing the button too frequently could wear it down and render it unusable.

Many will enjoy that the ear-cups are joined to metal wire in the form of a horseshoe, this allows the ear cups to be foldable and makes it easy for storage. The ear pads also fit perfectly over the ears and are extremely lightweight and does not add extra pressure like other headsets.

Marshall Major Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, these headphones are top of the line and create an equalized sound similar to other top brands. The 40mm drivers, with dense diaphragms, along with voice coils produce a fine caliber of bass accompanied by clean and crisp mids and highs.

If you prefer a wholesome sound quality these headphones will rock your ears. With a frequency response range of 20 to 20000 Hz and an impedance of 32 Ohms along with a powerful blast of 99 Decibels, you are sure to enjoy top quality sound. Just be sure to adjust the volume properly to avoid any damage to your ears.

The noise cancellation on this device will eliminate any external background noises, but only when you are listening to music at a high volume level. While the sound quality is great the white noise reduction is not 100 percent and elevating to a high volume level could cause ear pain.

As a DJ or a musician, these headphones will produce excellent sound quality and energy. The standard of sound that the Marshall Major buy-now-1 produces can be compared to other brands such as Beats and Monster headphones.

In Conclusion

Throughout the years, the Marshall brand has produced top quality music products that have surpassed other brands. Now you can use your Marshall amp alongside your Marshall headphones.

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