Review: Logitech G930 Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset


There is nothing more convenient when it comes to headphones than the ability to go wireless. No more need for cables to be running from your computer to your head. This headset will connect wireless to your computer through the use of a USB transmitter.

Users can communicate on Skype, listen to music, play games and etc with the logitech g930. It offers users a unique design, excellent range of features and a top notch audio sound. This headset is a top choice for avid gamers everywhere.

Logitech Design

Lets begin with the transmitter. It is a black USB device, with a look similar to that of a flash drive. The simple design is compatible with any standard USB port, it also works with the pseudo-hub which is included with your purchase of this headset.

The hub contains a long USB cable, micro USB cable and a port in the middle. It has a circular design and is shaped like a hockey puck. When you plug the hub in, users can then plug the transmitter in the port of the hub and use the microUSB cable for charging.

If the battery is running low you can use the headset wired, so you never have to stop gaming and you have even more convenience.

Most of the headset is black, however there are a few red highlights inside the ear cups. These ear cups are circumaural and offer users a comfortable fit over the ears. On the left ear cup are all the controls and a microphone.

G930 Features

The microphone is unique and it flips down for use when needed. This microphone is located on the left ear cup. There is also all of the volume control, a button to mute the microphone, a volume wheel, three different customization buttons, a power button and a Dolby Digital Switch.

Another unique feature is also on the left cup, the bottom of the ear cup has a micro USB port, this allows users to charge the headset. When the microphone is on mute a red light turns on to notify you, so that you know if you are being heard on the other end.

The volume controls are easy to use. Users can change levels without some mixing button or in line remote. Just simply slide the volume wheel up or down.

Enjoy the wireless capabilities for up to 40 feet. Which is very impressive compared to other models and accurate to what Logitech claims this headset is capable of.

The Logitech G930 supersedes the wireless capabilities on the Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Omega by at least 10 feet and even further defeats the Plantronics GameCom X95’s by about 30 feet.

The Logitech Sound

Experience a high level of power while gaming with this headset. The surround sound volume is full of screaming, explosions and other gaming sounds. Even at the highest volumes sounds of rockets and bullets are clear and undistorted.

Not only is this headset ideal for gaming but it also works well when watching movies or listening to music. The sound is full and satisfying without being overpowering, with a thrumming and low bass.

Some instruments will start to distort at the highest levels but overall the music sounds great! However, some users would appreciate a slightly better bass.

Offering a full and rich audio performance without cables, this headset gives users a powerful range of sound. It is ideal for any gamer or music lover, it has a slight edge above the competition.

Experience a frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz with a Signal to Noise Ratio of 26 dB. The speakers contain one 40 mm neodymium driver for each ear.

The Verdict

Overall the Logitech g930 buy-now-1 has a long wireless range with a top notch audio output. Easy to use controls are found directly on the headset. Plus, this headset can even be used while charging. Its design is smart and offers users an awesome range. The only downside is that the bass leaves a bit to be desired.

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