[Review] Koss PortaPro Headphones


Since their introduction to the music industry and retail market the Koss PortaPro Headphones have been one of the most pursued products available today.

Their affordability, versatile features and ability to produce the highest standard in sound has kept customers coming back for them, year after year. Even home studio owners are satisfied with their distinct design, as it is comfortable, user-friendly, and effective. For under $50 you are in for a treat when you purchase this brand.


The Koss PortaPro Headphones are very lightweight and handy. Provided with your purchase is a case for storage, to protect your gear from the elements and for traveling purposes. This product also folds and clips to fit easily into the case.

While listening to music you want nothing other than the most brilliant choice in headphones. It is important to be comfortable for long hours, without headaches or ear pain. The head pads are comfortable and adjustable, they work to loosen any forceful build-up from the headband, which has been known to cause minor headaches with other brands of headphones.

Additionally, the ear-plates can multi-rotate while remaining stationary on your ears. After hours of intense music listening it will feel as if you aren’t even wearing headphones.

The headband is easily adjustable, for the best fit and personal comfort. The manufacturers at Koss have made it their mission for users to enjoy their headphones with convenience and comfort.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority. They even include a no questions asked lifetime warranty. If anything happens to your device with normal use, Koss will send you a new headset for only the cost of shipping.

High Quality Sound

One downside the Koss PortaPro is that they are not closed headphones. There is no full isolation available to the user, despite this they still deliver 3D sound quality. Users are impressed by its high volume capacity, and deep and thick bass sound. Plus, the speakers maintain the music’s sonic realism (each instrument is separated with equal balance).

The integration of this products comfort and superior sound quality has it toppling other brands. Its bass performance is deeply intense and delivers a wave reaction of 15 to 25,000 Hz enabling the user to listen to clean, clear and crisp music.

Another important note is that this device is designed with oxygen free voice coils. These voice coils, along with the devices other features, assist in delivering a smooth sounding bass.

This product has a sensitivity of 101 Decibels SPL and an impedance of 60 Ohms. The impedance is slightly high for this type of device but still within the range for effective listening.

The cable is straight and 4 feet long, with dual entry. Most users would probably prefer a smaller cord to prevent tangling but this is a minor issue and won’t cause much trouble. In regards to sound output this device uses rare earth magnets made from neodymium iron boron.

The PortaPro Design


The design of this device is very functional and has an 80’s vibe. This 80’s style is popular with some users but other prefer a more contemporary style. It can be used on your laptop, Ipad,  and other portable media players.

This product has a cable that is 4 feet long and Y-shaped. The cord connects at each ear piece and has a 1/8 inch (3.5mm) jack, which makes the headset compatible with most portable media devices.

Weighing only 2.5 ounces these headphones are extremely lightweight and portable. They are even lighter than some earbud models. Since they come with a protective case you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged or destroyed.

Since this product is designed with open-air pads instead of full closure, the user is able to be conscious of what’s happening around them, when music is at a low volume. However be careful not to crank the volume too loud, as you may disturb your neighbors because it does not offer full sound isolation.

The design of the Koss Porta Pro is highly admired worldwide as it meets the standards in both performance and comfort. This product can be compared to other top brands. Many gym goers, and joggers prefer to use these headphones as they fit securely and keep them focused while working out.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a stylish and reliable product the Koss PortaPro Headphones buy-now-1 are exactly what you need. Their quality of sound, extreme comfort level, makes these headphones well worth the price. Many users have declared the PortaPro one of the finest gadgets to deliver 3D sound quality.

Music lovers enjoy this product’s unique design. The durable material provides the user with long years of high quality performance. Plus, the manufacturer includes a lifetime warranty in the package. No matter if you are traveling across the country or staying at home these headphones will yield remarkable results.

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