[Review] Bose SoundTrue In-Ear Headphones

bose soundtrue

The SoundTrue headphones are great for the active person who is always on the move. These Bose headphones achieve clear and deep tones. This model of headphones is compatible with music players and phones only. The StayHear tips help users obtain a comfortable and secure fit.

SoundTrue Features

This Bose device offers different models to fit your busy lifestyle needs. The standard model allows users to listen to music on almost any portable music player.

Two other models are specially designed for Apple products, tablets and Samsung Galaxy phones. Not all models are the same, so users really want to be aware that they are purchasing the intended device.

The Apple, Samsung and Tablet compatible headsets include, an inline remote/mic with three buttons for changing between calls and music. As well, they allow the user to control different music functions, like volume and track selection. This gives users the ability to experience hands-free control over their music and calls on compatible devices.

This headset has a cord length of 3.75 inches. While this is an acceptable and functional length, it is slightly shorter than other in-ear models. Users wanting more freedom in cord lengths may prefer another model. It is also flexible to withstand frequent on-the-go use.

These SoundTrue headphones also come with a stylish and matching travel case that measures 5 by 2.75 by 1 inches. Plus, a clothing clip is also included for extra stability and to keep the cable attached closely to your body. Small, medium and large ear tips are also included.

Bose Sound Quality

These headphones come complete with Bose TriPort Technology. The sound is deep, natural and clear. Music listening is easy, and these SoundTrue earbuds really tower over the competition with their range and realism. Even at high volumes you will experience natural and clear sounds.

Audio reproduction with these headphones are superior to other models. Users can experience a full and balanced sound that you have to hear to believe. Plus, it is great for any music style from Metal, HipHop, Rock and even Katy Perry or One Direction.

The ear tips are made of pliable silicone. This silicone adapts to the shape of your ear, allowing your headset to fit securely and comfortably. Users are able to focus on their music and not worry about their headset falling out. They are so comfortable, you may even forget that you have them in your ears.

While these ear tips are comfortable, users have commented on their lack of durability. Fortunately they are easily available online from Bose, but it is not convenient to have to constantly purchase new parts.

This headset does block out some background noise due to the secure and comfortable fit of the ear tips. However, they are not designed to include noise cancelling features. If you want these noise cancelling features, another device may suit you better.

Bose Design

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This in-ear headset is extremely lightweight and weighs only 0.6 of an ounce. They are constructed with durable materials that have been tested for frequent on-the-go use. Plus, as previously mentioned the clothing clip, ads to this devices security and durability. These headphones are advertised to be durable for everyday use, but many users have felt that they are not that durable after all, and break easily.

While these headsets are durable for user’s on-the-go, they are not the best option for user on-the-go to the gym. This headset is not sweat or water resistant. If these headphones are exposed to sweat or water it could affect the overall durability of your device.

These in-ear headphones stay securely in place, even if you’re on the move. The SoundTrue design is developed to stay in one spot. This headset contains StayHear tips with flexible wing extensions that fit the ridge of your ear almost perfectly.

Bose SoundTrue headphones come in a few different colors (Black, Cranberry and White) to suit your style needs. The carrying case will correspond with the color of your headset. Plus, it protects your headset and any other accessories.

In Conclusion

While the Bose SoundTrue In-Ear Headphones buy-now-1 may not be the most loved headphones on the market, they still produce one of the highest quality sounds available in in-ear headphones. It is important to make sure you purchase the right model for your activity and device.

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