[Review] Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III


The SoundLink Bluetooth Speakers are an extremely popular wireless model speaker. Model III is a revamped version of previous generations. It offers improvements from the previous models in design, battery life, volume and sound quality.

This article will review the features, design and sound quality of the SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III.

The SoundLink Features

When talking about the features, the first thing to mention is the battery life. The previous model only offered a battery life of 8 hours. This model III offers 14 hours of battery life, which is great for all your music listening needs.

The Bluetooth wireless features have a range of up to 30 feet and it is compatible with your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device. Be careful to avoid walls as it can interfere with your reception.

Overall pairing Bluetooth devices with this speaker is fairly easy and it will remember your device after just one use. There is no cable included with your purchase, however, you can connect a non-Bluetooth device to your speaker with a cable purchase separately.

Users are able to stream music directly from their Pandora or Rhapsody accounts directly from their computer as long as it is within range. However, if your linked device is your phone and a call comes in it will interrupt your music and play only through your phone. After your call ends, the music will resume.

While no protective case comes with your purchase, a compatible and stylish case can be purchased for an additional cost. It comes in multiple colors for your preference.

The Bose SoundLink Design


This wireless speaker is designed slightly wider than its previous models. It measures about 5 by 10 by 2 inches and weighs about 3 pounds. The SoundLink is well built, durable and elegant in design.

Its price tag is higher than other models of wireless speakers. However, the price tag is suitable for its elegant design and top notch quality features. Its appearance matches the price tag.

Previous models of the SoundLink were designed with a cover that converted to a stand. The model III was unfortunately designed without this feature. If you are looking for something to protect your speakers, you will have to make an additional investment. However, this model doesn’t need a stand because the new design has a flat base, so it stands easily.

This speaker system is not full of fancy design features, it is just sleek and elegant. It does have a few buttons for volume control, muting sound and an auxiliary switch. Unfortunately there is no pause, play or track selection buttons on the speakers themselves. There is also no remote, so all remote features will need to be controlled with your linked Bluetooth device.

Bose Sound Quality

The Bose Company advertises that this new model III has better sound than previous models. There is a lot of challenges to getting great sound in a compact, Bluetooth speaker; especially since Bluetooth compression lowers sound quality. But, Bose was successful in getting better sound quality this time around.

Taking into consideration the size of these speakers they perform well. This speaker system is much louder and contains much more bass than you would imagine from such a small device.

This speaker system has four neodymium transducers. It also includes passive radiators that are dual-opposing. Plus, Bose has added a new processing algorithm that is digitally signalled. This device keeps an equalized and natural sound at elevated volume levels.

While this compact, Bluetooth speaker has its limitations it is still stronger than its predecessors. It performs well and packs a punch for a compact device. The simpler the track the better it tends to sound.

Vocals and acoustic tracks (basically anything in the mid-range) sound clean, clear and crisp. Jazz and some rock music also handle well with this speaker. The more complicated the track the more sound definition is lost.

The Verdict

Overall the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III buy-now-1 is an upgrade from previous models. Users are able to experience better battery life, a sleeker and more durable design, plus, better sound quality. Even though it is highly priced and cannot be used for your phone calls it is still an impressive compact wireless speaker.

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