[Review] Bose QuietComfort 20i In-Ear Headphones

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Bose is known for achieving better sound through the use of research. The founders of this company were looking to explore new technology that would benefit users. They have been very successful and have created innovative technologies to enhance the overall music listening experience.

The QuietComfort 20 from Bose, is their first noise cancelling in-ear headphones. Users can choose their settings and experience full noise reduction or select “aware mode” and let some of the outside world in.

The QuietComfort Design

This model is a warm gray color and designed for in-ear use. Weighing only 1.55 ounces, these headphones are extremely lightweight and great for extended usage.

These QC20i earbuds come with StayHear Tips which measure 1.25ʺ by 1ʺ by 0.5ʺ. These tips are designed to provide stability and comfort over long periods of time. While most users are pleased with these StayHear Tips others have found them uncomfortable, so it may boil down to a personal preference. Another disadvantage is that this product does not come with additional tips; the headphones are expensive on their own and replacement tips cost additional money.

The total cable length is 52 inches. This long length is necessary for all the extras that come with these earbuds (ex: microphone and control module). It is also great for flexible movement. However being over 4 feet in length, it can be easily tangled. The connector is a 3.5mm 4 pole mini-phone stereo.

As previously mentioned the cable contains a microphone and control module. The microphone also acts as a remote for your portable media player. This is great for starting and stopping music, answering calls and other needs. With the control module you can turn on and off your noise cancelling, based on your listening needs at the moment.

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This product is designed and sold with a clothing clip and carrying case. The clip secures the cable close to your body and the carrying case was designed to keep your headphones safe and tangle free while not in use.

QuietComfort Characteristics

These in-the-ear headphones are a first from Bose. Included with your purchase, are 3 sets of StayHear tips (Small, Medium & Large), a clip for your clothing, lithium-ion battery (rechargeable), USB cable and a protective carrying case.

The control module and microphone are unique features of these earbuds. Users can be in control of the noise cancelling options, call answering and ending, volume, music and can even give voice commands. It is customized for your iPhone or iPad. If you have an Android, Windows or BlackBerry phone this headset is not compatible, you will need to use the QC20 model instead.

Another great feature about these headphones, is the ability to switch between full noise cancelling and aware mode. The control module on the cable allows users to transfer back and forth between the settings. When you have activated the noise cancelling feature you can block out any background noise. With the aware mode you can tune into your surroundings. For example, if you are crossing the street you will want to be aware of vehicle noises for your own safety.

The lithium-ion battery is good for 16 straight hours of music listening. Once the battery is completely drained the headphones will still play music but the user will not be able to access the noise cancelling or aware mode function. These batteries are rechargeable but they will take 2 hours to fully charge which is a downside for some users.

Bose Sound Quality

In regards to the quality of the noise cancelation features, Bose in particular is a model that is at the top of the competition. Noise is kept out not only from the silicon earbuds, but the majority is controlled by the audio circuitry and microphones. Be careful of your environment while using the noise cancelation because it can actually block human voice. Some users may hear a slight high frequency hiss from the circuitry, but it is rare and most people will not even notice.

These headphones come with the advanced Bose Sound Technology. The sound is sculpted and very rich. Some music lovers are not a fan of sculpted sound but this is standard of all Bose models, so if you have used Bose before and enjoyed, you will enjoy this sound as well. Pop and Rock music seem to generate the best sounds with Bose Technology.

Users will experience a full bass and exhilarating highs. If you are a deep bass lover, you can get a better bass sound with other headsets but this model still produces plenty of full bass sounds even at a high volume.

The Verdict

For their first attempt at in-ear noise cancelling headphones, Bose hit the mark with the QuietComfort 20i modelbuy-now-1. They are slightly expensive and produce a sculpted sound but overall these headphones provide users with a high quality sound experience, and total isolation, alongside some user friendly features.

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