[Review] Bose OE2i Headphones


The Bose OE2i could very likely be a model you’ve never heard of when it comes to this company.

Bose is mainly known for its QuietComfort headphones that are widely advertised on the television and the web, and some might wonder what more they have to offer.

Well, it starts with the price. Contrarily to the very expensive QuietComfort line, which is mainly sold around the $300 range, the OE2i come cheaper at $180, and we did find them at the $98.99 price on Amazon, so this makes a really crazy deal. We haven’t even started this review yet and they already seem appealing!

Indeed, learning that you could get your hands on some Bose headphones for as little as $98.99 will make quite a few people jump off their seat.

Let’s now review this model to see exactly how they sound and what they’re capable of.


The Bose OE2i come in two formats, with or without a microphone, so it’s up for you to choose.

In terms of size, they have a slim design and are very easy to wear. The product comes with a manual, a microphone if you chose to include it, and a carrying case that’s very useful to keep these in shape as you travel around. Two main colors are available: black and white.

What I liked


I really appreciated how these headphones look first of all. They look like a laid-back type of headphones that make you look sociable and open. It’s not like you look like you’re locking yourself from the outside world with these. They have a slim design that’s pretty discrete.

And then, while they don’t look like they’re locking you from the outside world, they still deliver the sound quite well to your ear. QuietComfort is where it’s at for sound isolation, and the OE2i simply deliver a different kind of experience.

We all like to listen to music and enjoy our content in different ways, and this is simply a more lightweight and open way to do so. I even used them on some games I played on my computer and cellphone and they worked great.

On the sound aspect, the OE2i are clear and don’t put too much emphasis on bass. They simply allow you to listen to your music or games with great precision.

And then I have to say that I really recommend the microphone version of the Bose OE2i. You never know when you will need a good pair for that purpose and they perform great for important calls.

What I disliked

My list of negatives pretty much comes down to zero, but I have to mention that at their full price of $180, these headphones might not hold their own as an audiophile pair against the rest of the competition.

Obviously, portability comes with a few downsides here.

Customer review

To me, it’s no surprise that these headphones are selling great since people are more and more on the move. On customer reviews, people praise the lightweight aspect of these headphones and the clarity of the sound.

Some were indeed disappointed by what they got for the price, which is understandable, and might represent the only downside on this model. The carrying case is also getting good comments which adds value to what you get in this package.

So to conclude, these might be amongst the best headphones for travel out there. The carrying case is very cool, these are light and will fit anywhere, you can wear them around your head easily… they really have a lot going for them when it comes to mobility.

I think you will want to pay a huge sum for a pair that you will bring everywhere (and therefore possibly lose) so I think the Bose OE2i buy-now-1 represent the good investment for headphones on the go.

If you want to use them at home and put your music really loud or are more of an audiophile, these might run a little short for you in terms of features, but I’m sure if that’s the case that you have looked elsewhere already. The Bose OE2i and definitely get my approval for a purchase if they fit your needs.

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