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The Beats Solo 2 Headset is an upgrade of the Beats Solo HD model. This original model had become very popular and a symbol among other popular and expensive headset. The Solo 2 model offers users much improvement in the area of sound quality, however it still does not measure up to the quality that true music purists desire.

You might wonder, if the sound quality isn’t for the pure at heart, why so popular and such a high price tag? Well, what this headset lacks in sound, it makes up for in design and style. This article will review the design, features and sound quality of the Beat Solo 2 headset.

The Solo 2 Design

This headset is very close to the construction on the Solo HD model. The main goal of the manufacturers was to be stylish and portable and these headphones do just that. They are made up of mostly a durable plastic construction and they have the capacity to fold.

Available in some vibrant colors like; pink, white, gray, red, blue and black. This headset is designed with a curvier look than the classic model. The best part about these headphones is that they don’t stick out too far from your head.

The headband is rubber topped, offers users a mid to firm tension on your head and is very light weight and versatile. These headphones are so versatile you can even wear them while running and not worry about them falling off your head.

These headphones are comfortable for long hours of use. However, if you wear glasses, chances are that you may find them uncomfortable after more than an hour of use. The foe leather on the ear pads isn’t as soft as you may like and may develop a slight smell if you are the sweaty type, but it still offers quality comfort.


Beats Features

With these headphones you can achieve some of the best noise isolation available with a headset. The ear pads have a defined outer coating and it helps seal the ear cups better on your ear giving you the best noise isolation possible.

Users are able to take advantage of the removable cable. Plug it into and out of the standard 3.5 mm jack on the left headset. The cable is color coded to match your headset and contains a remote for any of your compatible iOS products.

The remote will allow users to regulate the volume, begin and end calls, and play music, pause and skip tracks depending on the amount of taps on the remote. Included with your purchase is a black zip-up bag, which is padded and designed to protect your headset.

Another interesting feature is that the headband folds down flat to make this device even more portable and convenient. It is priced slightly high, but if you are looking for a stylish device you have come to the right place.

Beats Solo 2 Sound Quality

Beats has made a solid improvement in sound from the original Solo model. It still has the same heavy bass focused sound, but this is what the beats brand is known for. However, the sound does not become too muddled.

If you do not like a headset with a heavy bass sound, the beats solo 2 headphones are not for you. However, this device matches its big bass with a smooth and clear treble sound, and a high quality sound stage.

The mid-range sound leaves something to be desired in comparison with the treble and bass sounds. It could also use more detail and texture to the sound. If you listen to music with a lot of artificial sound these headphones are a great option for you.

The Verdict

Overall the Beats Solo 2 buy-now-1 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, the Beats Solo HD. On the positive side it offers great noise isolation, good versatility for portability and exercise as well as an improved sound from the classic version. Negatively however, the sound is still slightly unbalanced and they offer some comfort issues for those that wear glasses. Overall if you are looking for style and portability these are the headphones for you.

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One thought on “Review: Beats Solo 2 Headphones

  1. KarlEvans says:

    I have the beats solo 2 wired Black and i think they sound Absolutely fabulous. I have owned Sony MDR 1A and Sennheiser hd 201/202 and these sound way better than those 3 headphones put together.

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