Review: Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones


Tired of the cord that hinders your music listening while you are on the go or exercising at home or at the gym? Fortunately, the Beats manufacturers have carefully fashioned a set of earphones that will not only remain plugged in, but they fit comfortably and make you look cool and stylish.

If you are that athlete that enjoys a thumping bass while the adrenaline rush is taking over, then this is the right product for you. You can now enjoy music in at your own speed, comfort and privacy. This article will examine the design, features and sound quality of the Beats Powerbeats 2 Headphones.

The Powerbeats 2 Design

Available in a few colorful choices, the Powerbeats2 boasts a classic black and red color formula. Unlike other earphones, these have a strong finishing material, known as IPX4 water-proof.

No matter how hard you run, exercise or sweat no water will not penetrate your device. However, these headphones should not be submerged completely under water.

With headphones similar to this style, some users may feel uncomfortable after a few hours of use. This is not the case with this particular headset. The Powerbeats2 is designed with in-ear wings that easily hook around the ear for a comfortable fit and unending hours use. You can jump, skip, hop and they will still remain clasped firmly and comfortably on your ears.

Included with this headset are several different sizes of silicone eartips, this is beneficial for your comfort and something that is uncommon with other in the ear headphones. If you are not sure about which size is the best for you, just check with your Beats sales rep for an accurate assessment. Size does matter, as the tighter the ear-tips the better the music will seal and the less you can hear background noise. Simply ensure that they won’t caulk up your ears.


The Beats Features

One of the most convenient features of this device is the inline remote control. It has three buttons and a compartment for the microphone. This remote is located on the left side about chin level. User is allowed easy access to volume, playback options and incoming calls.

Included with your purchase is a USB charging cable (Warning: this cable is very short). Multiple pairs of eartips in four varying sizes, a clip that will hold the earphone cable securely behind your head and a zip up case that is hard and used for the storage and protection of your headphones.

You can easily link your headset with an iOS device. LED monitors will show battery level and pairing status. Estimated battery life is around six hours with a complete charge. This can vary depending on the volume of your music.

The Beats Sound Quality

Do not expect a subtle sound from this set of headphones. Powerbeats will fill your ears with loads of bass, giving you the feeling that your are right in the middle of a club. There is little to no sound distortion even at the highest volume levels.

High-mid ranges and high definition frequency is missing at moderate volume levels, and it delivers too much bass sound for most users. The sound imbalance comes through in a number of different types of music. If you want to listen to classical music these are not the headphones for you.

The Powerbeats2 is for users like a big bass sound. If that is not you, than these headphones are not for you. Vocals play a back seat role to the bass beats. It comes with a high price tag, and if you are paying this much for a headset, most users would prefer a more balanced sound.

The Verdict

Overall, this headset is ideal buy-now-1 for someone who is a fan of a deep and heavy bass sound. These headphones are focused on gym use and offer Bluetooth capabilities. On the positive side they offer a strong and powerful bass sound. Even at the highest volumes distortion is minimal. Plus they have multiple options for ear tips and are water and sweat resistant. On the downside they are expensive, you are paying for the Beats brand name. As well the bass is very heavy with a lost hig-mid range.

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