Review: Beats Pill 2.0 Portable Speaker


The Beats Pill is a small and portable Bluetooth speaker. Named The Pill, this device is named for how it looks. It even comes packaged in a plastic casing resembling a pill. Created by Dr. Dre, this device offers a strong sound for its small size, has an audio output, Apt-X technology and other great features.

While it is a small and handy device, for its size and abilities it is slightly overpriced. This article will review the design, features and the sound quality of the Beats Pill.

The Beats Design

Dr. Dre’s designers has created the Beats Pill with a 190 mm cylinder shaped design and a 45 mm diameter, which weighs 310 grams and contains drivers only one inch in size. This device is available in black, red and sliver models.

Designed with a metal grill in the front and a base that has been rubberized. This device is built to be strong and durable. It has a Beats logo on the front of the device. Though tiny this device fits well in your hand, and can be stored safely in your backpack or luggage.

On the back of the device is a power button, micro USB charging port, 3.5 mm input and output jacks for auxiliary and a Bluetooth indicator. With your purchase, comes a high quality storage and carrying case.

Overall, the design is unique, modern and sleek. The biggest downside to this small device is the high price associated with this Dr. Dre creation.


Features of the Pill

The Pill has Bluetooth and NFC capabilities so users can link the device with any compatible smartphones and media devices. Another great feature is a small pinhole just below the Beats brand logo. This pinhole is designed for a small mic, which can be used for taking calls while listening to music.

One great feature of this device is that it allows for conference calls. Callers will notice that you have them on the speakerphone, however everyone can be clearly heard and the volume level remains consistent throughout call time.

If a call comes in while you are listening to music. Simply hit the “B” button, which is located on the front of The Pull and it will pause the music and allow you to take your call.

Battery life is good, but not great. When wired this device can last up to eight hours for music listening, however when switched into wireless mode this device only allows for four or five hours of use. In comparison other similar devices last much longer.

Beats Pill Sound Quality

Enjoy the Beats Pill with a powerful sound. This device produces deep bass sounds and great highs, in your home and on the move. With about four one inch drivers, this device offers 12 output watts.

The Pill works great with a number of different music styles. It offers great sound and clarity, with especially great sounds for acoustic tracks. However, some middle range sounds leave much to be desired. For such a small device the bass packs a powerful sound.

Overall this Beats Pill will provide a definite increase over your phones built in speaker system. However, do not expect it to be able to provide the volume for your upcoming house party. This device contains Apt-X technology, which is designed to increase the audio fidelity.

The audio output with this device is unique, users can connect to an AMP or an AV receiver and then wirelessly stream audio from your mobile device or computer to The Beats Pill.

The Verdict

For a small portable Bluetooth speaker, this device has a unique design, good quality sound and volume, plus it can act as a speaker phone and has a decent battery life. The features are advanced and unique and the device comes with a unique carrying case. On the downside this speaker is pricey and Apple users may have difficulty with the Bluetooth setting. Overall, it is a good quality speaker with some versatile features but it should have a lower price buy-now-1.

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