Review: AKG Q701 Headphones


AKG has been known to produce some solid quality headphones for several decades. If Quincy Jones (the producer of the Thriller album from Michael Jackson) sports these headphones you should too. Users can rest assured that if a top level producer like Quincy Jones would use these headphones then they must be good.

However, you need to be willing to pay the price, these headphones are not cheap. This article will review the design, features and sound quality of the AKG Q701 headphones.

The AKG Q Design

Overall this 701 model of the AKG looks similar to their previous models of the K 702s. The headband is made of a metal and leather which helps keep the users comfortable during long hours of use.

It can be adjusted to fit any size head, so no matter how big your head is these days you can be sure that you will experience comfort. The ear cups are large and covered in velour to fit comfortably over your ears.

With the Q701 you have a open back headset. The ear cup is made of a plastic mesh on the outside, this allows you music and sound to play through. Not so great if you are surrounded by people that don’t want to hear your music.

This plastic mesh material is sturdy and will last, however it does feel slightly cheap, especially considering the price you pay. On the positive side, it is available in a couple different colors; lime green, black and white.

Another unique feature, is that these headphone proudly display their origin. They are created in Austria and on the outside of this headset it proudly displays “Made in Austria”.


Features of the Q701

One great feature of these headphones is that the cable is detachable and it even comes with a spare. This is a great addition because cables tend to wear much faster than your headphones. The cable is 3 meters in length and offers a 3.5 mm stereo connection.

Users can enjoy a frequency response range of 10 Hz to 39.8 KHz, accompanied by a 65 ohm Impedance and a 105 dB Sensitivity. Plus this headset performs about 95% better than other headphones.

In regards to speakers, users will experience one driver per ear with a Neodymium magnet. Other standout features include the voice coils made of flat-wire and double layer diaphragms.

These flat wire voice coils, offer less wasted inside the headphones. The two-layer diaphragm offers less resonance and therefore creates a more accurate sound than those headsets with single layer diaphragms.

AKG Sound Quality

In regards to sound quality the 701 AKG model makes claims to being headphones with a premium reference. Due to this is users can expect premium quality audio to delight your ears. You won’t be disappointed.

Most different types of music genres sound great through these headphones. This includes; pop, classical, rock, live concert halls and more. Even with the highest levels of volume, minimum levels of distortion happened.

The only major downside in the sound is that this model does not perform as well with music with high bass levels. While the bass is clear and powerful it is not the recommended headset for those who like deep, pounding and thumping tracks. With this model it is best to stick with classical and acoustic music.

Overall these headphones offer you a great soundstage, textured trebles and accentuated mids.

The Verdict

In conclusion this headset buy-now-1 offers an overall top notch sound quality and performance, with a comfortable fit. It comes with a cable that is detachable and there is even a spare included for your convenience. The main downside to this headset is that the bass leaves much to be desired. Overall its a nice headset, that performs with high-end level clarity.

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