Review: AKG K702 Headphones


If you enjoy listening to music or you are a professional in the music industry and you want to upgrade your music equipment to a sophisticated level, you are at the right place. If this sounds like you, then the AKG Pro Audio manufacturers have something special just for you.

The features, design, and sound quality of these headphones are full proof of their signature sound and professional quality performance.

The AKG K702 Features

AKG manufacturers have carefully structured this model headset with features that exceed its purpose. Valuable and attractive features like a gold plated mini jack adapter, and EK300 cable adds to its appearance and functions.

The jacks range from ¼ – ⅛ inch male connectors. The professional DJ can have more space and flexibility to perform stunts on their turntable, with the 10 foot long, EK500 spiralled cable. This cable is detachable making it very convenient.

This cable connects to the headset with a locking connector with three pins, the opposite ends with a 3.5 mm gold plated stereo plug. A 6.3 mm screw on adaptor is also included with your purchases, making it compatible with most media devices.

Hand built in Austria this device offers users quality, durability, fit and finish. However, it does not include a storage case, which for the price you pay, is slightly disappointing.

AKG K702 Design


This AKG K702 has dimensions measuring 19 by 16 by 5 inches and it has a total weight of 1.5 pounds. It looks and is slightly bulky but its weight does not outweigh its performance.

Many have observed that this headset has a strong resemblance to the K 701 consumer designed model. The only difference is that the 702 model offers features that suit broadcast engineers and recording studios more efficiently.

Even though this model is slightly on the large size, it still has a very comfortable fit. It has a dark blue finish and it is more durable than the 701 model.

These headphones are not designed for portability. They are over the ear and very large. The earcups are covered with ultra soft velour covered cushioning.

Made from metal and real leather the headband adjusts evenly over your head. It is clearly marked for the right and left ears, so your comfort is almost guaranteed.

AKG Sound Quality

In regards to sound the K 702 offers a very open sound. With voice coils made from flat wire, low distortion levels are maintained, even when listening to music at high volumes.

The Patented Laminate Varimotion diaphragms give users an out of your head experience. Depending on the quality of the type of recording you are listening to the sound really appears to be coming from farther away than with most headsets.

With the K702 model is it like having a speaker on your head. When you listen to music it feels as if it is coming from the outside of the headphones. Careful as it may fool you into thinking that there are other speakers on.

Clarity is good, the music never becomes too aggressive or too thinned out. Sound Engineers feel this device offers the ideal balance between smoothness and resolution.

Even with movies the sound is detailed, open and spacious. Movies are slightly more enhanced with this model than the music.

In Conclusion

Overall, the positives of this headset includes an ultra comfortable design which goes over the ears, they work and sound great with your at home devices including your iPod. Plus, it comes with a detachable cable to plug in your headphones. On the negative side, this device does not come with a storage case or travel bag for portability.

The verdict is that these open dynamic reference headphones will give you that open sound you crave, while keeping your ears and head comfortable, even during long term use. Its like having personal speakers for your head, but be prepared to pay buy-now-1 for the quality you will receive with this model.

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