Review: AKG K550 Headphones


Headphones continue to grow in features and success throughout the years. People will shell out money for the most up to date gadgets, specifically, headsets like the AKG K550 model.

These headphones are fabulous. They give you the sound quality of a pair designed for home use with the portability benefits of a model built for travel. The only downside to this device is a couple odd design choices.

This article will review the overall design, sound quality and features of the AKG K 550 headphones.

The AKG K550 Design

First and foremost these headphones offer users a closed back design. This design is ideal for portable use, however their large size is a bit contradictory to that concept.

Aesthetically these headphones are slightly strange looking. They have a two tone design grey/black. There are brushed metal circles on the outside of both earpieces and they are large.

The earpieces are so large that they will take over your head. It is like giving your face a hug with these headphones. In fact they are so large, we are not sure you will want to be seen with them on in public.

Despite their look they are very comfortable. Alongside the large earcups are very thick, leather covered, foam pads. These pads buffer any pressure that is exerted on your head. The headband has padding as well but not as nice.

Inside of each earcup is lined with fabric, this is better than leather lining, because it keeps your ears from heating up and sweating too much.


AKG Sound Quality

One great sound quality feature is the noise isolation. The noise isolation will keep your music in and the outside out. This keeps you focused on the music and not what is going on around you.

The sound for the K 550 model is exceptional, it is full and spacious. With a large, wide open, soundstage, users, are able to experience a full and engaging time of listening to music.

These headphones are warmer and more easy going then the Q701 model. Where as other AKG models have critical and revealing treble, this model is different and has more bass and a more relaxed approach to the treble sound.

Mid-range sounds are full, and help to create a thickness in the sound. While this headset does offer a wide range of sound, it can also be slightly flat at times. There is much to be desired in regards to excitement and dynamics.

Features of the K550

The cable is one of the features that is slightly disappointing. It is not removable and it is rubber topped. For the price you pay for this headset, most people would be expecting a removable cable. While it is not removable, it is durable, as it is studio grade thick. This however makes it not easily portable.

Length is another issue with the cable. It is 3 meters long, which is much too long to use when on the go. It would have been better to make the cable shorter, if you wanted more length an extension could always be added but it is not easy to make it shorter.

This cable is complete with a 3.5 mm jack, it also comes with a 6.3 mm converter. While, these headphones are a closed back design and by intention supposed to be portable they do not come with a carrying case or bag, which continues to reinforce that they are not really portable.

Overall, this is a very good headset, in fact the sound is so quality as mentioned above that the fact that they aren’t as portable as one would like is slightly disappointing.

The Verdict

Overall these headphones are high performance with a huge soundstage, which users love. Plus, they are decent to look at. The only downsides are that the cable is not removable and slightly long if you are moving around frequently. As well, with some music the sound is slightly flat. Ultimately, while the K550 model buy-now-1 is a great headset, it is more like an open model headset, than a closed one.

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