Review: AKG K44 Headphones


AKG is a Harman company from Austria. They are known for specializing in headphones and microphones for the consumer and the pro audio brands. This particular AKG model the AKG K 44 is a part of their professional line of headphones.

They are not your entry-level headset, but nor are they your flagship headset. These headphones are reasonably priced and available almost anywhere the AKG brand is sold. This article will review the design, sound quality and features of the AKG K44 headset.

The AKG K44 Design

Experience and enjoy a closed back, circumaural design with the K44 model. The ear cups are well padded and comfortable, even during long hours of use. They are made from a velvet and leatherette combination.

The headstrap is self-adjusting for the most comfortable fit. Unfortunately this model is only available in black and has a matte sheen look.

Even though this headset is made from all plastic it is a well-built and durable headset. Plus, it is still has an attractive appearance without all the flash.

Weighing only 190 grams or 6.7 ounces these headphones are deceptively lightweight for their large size. Users will be able to wear these headphone for a long period of time without experiencing any kind of fatigue; whether it be sonically or physically.

Even the headband is comfortable after long hours. It is secure and fits properly without messing up your hair or causing discomfort to your head. Most prefer this design to other overly padded models.


AKG Sound Quality

These leatherette and velvet combination ear cups are surrounding the patented Varimotion speakers by AKG. The efficiency rating for this model is 115 dB SPL/V.

It contains a frequency response range of 18 to 20,000 Hz, alongside a 32 ohm impedance. The distortion is less than 1% with this device. Plus, the speakers contain dynamic drivers.

While this headset does not have an active noise cancellation feature, it does a great job tuning out outside distractions. Users will be able to enjoy their music, while slightly disconnecting from the outside world; you won’t be completely isolated however, this can be good or bad depending on your specific needs.

This model has an airy and open high frequency performance, with natural midranges, that do not sound too thick. The bass sound is good and has a strong impact and extension, they are natural but do not get as low as some other models.

Overall this headset will be a good fit for a number of different musical tastes and sounds. Even if you are working with low grade recordings.

Features of the K 44

Users have their options when it comes to connections. There is both a standard stereo mini-jack and plug adapter convertible jack. These are both standard features for this model headset. The max input power is about 200 mW.

This device is compatible with multiple media players, plug directly into your smart phone, android, tablet, PC or other device.

Unfortunately these headphones do not have an active noise cancellation feature, however they still do a good job taking you out from the world around you.

The cable for these headphones has plenty of length (2.5 m) for users to move around. While this is a great feature, it can become cumbersome at times. It often tangles because of its length and thickness.

In Conclusion

For only about $80 buy-now-1 users can experience a professional studio can from AKG. This model is comparable to other brands and headsets that cost slightly more. It is a great go-to headset for listening to music both casually and critically. You can get better than these, but you will have to pay more; you will not get better quality for the price. While they are not fancy and lack some flair, the black matte finish is timeless and you will never grow out of the style. For an affordable, professional grade studio headset, look no further.

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