[Review] Klipsch Image S4 II In-Ear Headphones


What’s new?

The Klipsch Image S4 II is a new and improved variant of the Klipsch Image S4. While the old S4 had a normal cable that was not exactly extremely hardy and tangle resistant, it did the job.

So from there, Klipsch decided to make the product design of the Klipsch Image S4 II better – by improving the cable, and the angling of the earbud tip posts(that’s the part that earbud tips stick on).

So the Klipsch Image S4 II is basically an upgraded version of the old Klipsch Image S4 with better quality cabling, and user ergonomics by changing the angling of the earbud tip posts. While that may seem minor, it helps with comfort and durability in the long run.

How? The cabling increases the lifespan of the entire product, as unlike on ear headphones, in ear headphones cannot disconnect the cable from the driver housing and most of the time once a cable is worn out or spoilt, or even faulty – it’s time to get a new pair(or get a replacement from the vendor). Rarely does anyone repair the cable, if at all.

The angling of the earbud tip posts help in noise isolation, and Klipsch tries very hard to make the noise isolation feature as prominent and efficient as possible. A slight angle change may allow airflow and thus sound leakage into the ear canal, preventing effective noise isolation and affecting audio quality and driver performance.

The Hardsell

The Klipsch S4 II comes with 8.5mm dynamic moving coil driver, with a frequency response of 10Hz-19kHz. The impedance and sensitivity are 18 ohms and 110dB/mW.

The total weight of the entire set is approximately 11.9 grams. Claimed noise isolation stands at -16 dB. Audio jack is a 3.5mm.

While you can depend on Klipsch to use great drivers for their in ear headphones, the noise isolation aspect isn’t always their best feature. The Klipsch Image S4 and S4 II were meant to be worn over the ear style, although lots of people don’t do so. Even when in the supposed proper position, many a knock sends the entire earpiece shifting causing lousy audio quality.

While this has been improved with Klipsch’s extremely comfortable earbud tips, different ear canals may not all fit, thus a replacement with Comply foam tips buy-now-1 is recommended as an alternative if needed to improve noise isolation and a snug comfortable fit.

Also included in each set are three sets of different sized eartips, not including the one already fitted in the headphones, and a sip up tough fabric carry case.

While the audio jack is gold plated for better connectivity which is a nice feature, and the cord tangle resistant like mentioned earlier, the audio jack plug itself is not angled, nor does it have an additional one piece tapered sheath connecting it to the cord.

This may make it less hardy and easier for the cable to rupture or stretch out at the jack when it is being pulled to unplug, compared to right angled jacks, and more recently, 45 degree angled jacks which we think are by far the best. Minor issue however, as some people like it this way as it is easier to connect to the top female gender audio plugs on portable players.


Audio Quality

The sound quality of the Klipsch Image S4 II is well balanced and good for overall use, although not a dedicated audio purist set of headphones, so some parts such as the bass are not at the gold standard, but that is quite expected.

This may actually be due not to the drivers, but the sound isolation, so with the Comply foam tips as mentioned earlier the bass might sound more punchy and meaty compared with the normal earbuds used.

The mids and highs are excellent, and in line with the Klipsch audio quality standard. The highs are pleasant and not tinny or fake, and warm. The mids however, were a bit fuzzy, but after a bit of using, they became more well-rounded, and while we wouldn’t say they were sharper per se, they definitely sounded like it, and were much smoother, and did not sound unnatural.

All in all, great audio quality as was expected from Klipsch, although some minor tweaks and adjustments could be made to make the hardware compatible with the great audio quality as per the noise isolation issue mentioned.

The Lowdown

The Klipsch Image S4 II buy-now-1 is a new and slightly improved version of the old Klipsch Image S4 II, and while lack in-line playback, volume control or voice control functions, they are very comfortable, and provide great audio quality. With improved durability, this model is good, but not great for mobile use.

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