Review: Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo Speaker

Enjoy music anywhere you go. With this device you can impress your friends and blast music out loud all for a reasonable price. This electronic device plays music like a champion and it can become your little companion that will serenade you into your world of bliss and change the atmosphere into a soothing one. […]

Review: Beats Pill 2.0 Portable Speaker

The Beats Pill is a small and portable Bluetooth speaker. Named The Pill, this device is named for how it looks. It even comes packaged in a plastic casing resembling a pill. Created by Dr. Dre, this device offers a strong sound for its small size, has an audio output, Apt-X technology and other great […]

Review: Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers of 2017

Whether you are looking for music to host an outdoor party or you are just an outdoors type of person who wants to be surrounded by music, finding the right portable Bluetooth speakers is important. This article will review some of the best portable Bluetooth speakers available today. Best Overall: The Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless […]

[Review] Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III

The SoundLink Bluetooth Speakers are an extremely popular wireless model speaker. Model III is a revamped version of previous generations. It offers improvements from the previous models in design, battery life, volume and sound quality. This article will review the features, design and sound quality of the SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III. The SoundLink Features See […]

[Review] Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

The Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker is a small gadget with a big sound that is ready to meet your music listening demands. Throughout the years music enthusiasts have been enjoying the remarkable features, versatile design and incredible sound quality of Bose devices. This review will cover the characteristics, design and sound quality of the […]

[Review] Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Logitech, the manufacturers, of the Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth speaker are proud to represent this product as one that will take music listening to the next level. This device is handy and it can blast music loudly, while still allowing you to hear yourself and your friends talking. It is great for the sociable […]