Top 5 Best Bass Headphones for 2017

When looking for a headphone using the bass output as your main criteria, there are several platforms to consider. A true bass should not rattle, but hum. It should be clear if your volume is set on the minimum or maximum. In other words, there should be no distortion. The clarity of the bass should […]

Best Bass Headphones Under $100

Looking for earbuds? Check these awesome in-ear models with strong bass! Today’s economy is tight – very tight. And it seems unfair that the economy should affect an audiophile’s ability to get an inexpensive, yet quality product. A good bass emphasizing headphone should be had for $100 or less. These five earphones cost fewer than […]

Best 5 Bass In-Ear Headphones

Just because an amateur or professional audiophile chooses to go more portable in size, does not mean they want a smaller bass sound. Some would argue that the bass sound should be stronger with less leaking due to the tight and snug in-ear fit. A consumer may choose to go with an in-ear headphone due […]