[Review] Bose IE2 In-Ear Headphones

Bose IE2

Bose has long prided itself on excellent audio quality as the go to manufacturer for top notch best of the line cutting edge audio equipment.

While most of the hype comes from marketing, Bose still manages to produce excellent products that shine and actually live up to that reputation. While we would’nt say that the Bose IE2 is all that jazz, it comes pretty darn close.

The comfort of these in ear headphones bring up the industry standard, and this is where it shines above the competition. Combined with Bose’s long experience in manufacturing great sounding headphones in and on ear, the audio quality delivered can be described as great, of not excellent.


The Bose IE2’s look quite different to say the least. While that can be interpreted either way, our take is that the Bose IE2 looks like a weird mix mash of high end quality with experimentation.

While odd looking, they are made with a purpose in mind. The audio jack at 3.5mm is angled for easy access and plugging in, a hard wearing mainstay of modern in ear headphones.

The cable is striped, horizontally, and that makes it cool, at the very least eye catching and are not the flat anti- tangle variant seen regularly in other in ear headphone brands these days.

The driver housing itself is made of plastic with a silver colored plastic classic Bose logo attached to it firmly. The housing is round and cone shaped towards the earbuds with markings also in small silver letters for right and left.

The earbuds are three tipped or tiered in white silicon and are seen more commonly these days, and with the rubber earbuds having the ‘winged’ extensions flared out it makes them look unique, yet they serve a very practical function of keeping the entire earphone lodged firmly by being stuck in the auricle.

Very minimalistic, and if I may daresay, classy and futuristic looking.


The Bose IE2 has a weight of 0.7 pounds, and is a lightweight at that, since this is the total weight. The lighter a set of in ear headphones, the better, since they don’t have the added headband durability and load bearing capabilities and must depend on either a cable clip, or in this case, the ‘Stayhear’ earbuds to stay put in your ear canal.

Bose doesn’t release its specifications for almost all of its products for some reason, so we rely mainly on our audio quality tests to do the talking.

Audio Quality


Keeping in mind that the Bose IE2 is meant to be an in-ear noise isolating headphones that provide great quality audio, the ‘Stayhear’ style earbud tips can be making it difficult to see that in motion.

The thing about these earbuds is that although they feel extremely comfortable, meaning that they don’t even feel like they are there, one small nudge or twist and you feel that the treble and mids are off.

As a result, you always tend to expect a different audio quality all the time, as when the seal of the earbud is broken and sound waves from ambient noise are allowed to pass into the ear canal, the bass, especially, is affected, along with the highs, and treble.

However, this is not the case with the Bose IE2. Suprisingly, even with all the tweaks, the bass still felt quite powerful and punchy, not extremely responsive or very clear, but still great sounding. It was not muddy or very unduly mixed with the other frequencies, not too tinny, an issue that sometimes plagues in-ear headphones with bad noise isolation features.

The mids were not exactly crystal clear, but they were responsive, and clear enough to make out lyrics and different instruments, although the more subtle nuances were not there. Do keep in mind we did this with ambient noise in the background and the earbuds not completely sealed, as we decided to just put it in once and not adjust it.

The highs were there, and were slightly clearer than the mids, and although at times sounded a bit distorted at higher levels were perfectly fine. Just like the mids, they were great, even excellent at times, but some people might find that the lack of harmony and overall clarity may not appeal to them.

Keeping these points in mind, the Bose IE2 was made for mobility and situational awareness in mind, and we think that it fufils the requirements perfectly. Providing great quality audio while allowing you to listen in to ambient environment without sacrificing audio quality is great; however, doing that while being so comfortable that it doesn’t even feel like it’s there is a mark of distinction.

Bose delivers on innovation and combines great features in a small package.


The Bose IE2 headphones buy-now-1 come with a hard carry case that can be zipped up, a cable clip, and also two more pairs of Stayhear earbud tips in addition to the ones on the earphones themselves.

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One thought on “[Review] Bose IE2 In-Ear Headphones

  1. DPA says:

    Bought one pair of this 2 years ago. Pros: confort and overall sound quality. Cons: weak isolation and, expecially, the cable! After few months, it started to crack in DOZENS of points leaving the copper uncovered. Tried unsuccesfully to fix with glue (!) as new cracks appeared. I gave up and replaced with Yamaha EPH-100 that are simply amazing in everything, including durability (the cable seems to be strong and long lasting)

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