Best Noise Canceling Headphones Under $200

Noise Canceling Headphones

Hello and welcome to another recap review of the best models we’ve found around the web. This time we take a look at the best noise canceling headphones under $200.

This noise canceling can come in two forms, in-ear headphones or over the ear headphones. Both techniques work well in terms of blocking sound.

As you take the bus or the subway, if you don’t want to have a big pair on your head that can be knocked over, in-ear headphones can provide the fit and size you’re looking for all while blocking sound.

Overall, over-ear headphones were made more for a personal user experience at home, and this is also why their noise blocking properties will be better, and offered for a lower price.

And that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring them on the road either! It’s the kind of pair you sit on your couch with and just enjoy the music as if you were sitting in one of the seats at the concert. If you bring them with you, take good care of them.

Fortunately, most of those headphones come with a carrying case. Naturally, over the ear headphones feature more complex technology to deliver sound and has more room to do so.

Here we will stick to models under $200 so you can buy a pair that fits your budget and deliver good noise isolation for the price. Here are our top five picks for that category, in no particular order.

V Moda Crossfade LP

The V Moda Crossfade LP is one of the models that impressed us the most during our most recent reviews.

We were surprised not only by its noise cancelling abilities, but by its ability to produce good sound no matter what we gave to it. Be it rock, hip-hop, pop or movies, these headphones perform with great consistency.

When it comes to sound quality, they’re in another category than other headphones.

The V Moda Crossfade also deliver quite a lot in the area of features with interchangeable plates on the side on the ear cups to get unique looks, the cable that comes with it is made of extra durable material and then coming back to sound, the bass is simply what hip-hop fans have been waiting for.

For the price, they will deliver your favorite beats with maximum clarity and great isolation from the outside. Great for DJs, audiophile or simply anyone that wishes to bring their music experience to the next level.

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Audio Technica Ath-m50

Coming just under the $200 price point, the Audio Technica Ath-m50 is a great pair of headphones that provide a more reasonable, but still very effective noise canceling solution.

When it comes to negating the sound of an airplane or people talking very loud around you, these are perfect.

They don’t provide exactly the same isolation-feel as some of the headphones here, but it’s still one hell of a pair and one hell of a seller – on Amazon, the ATH-M50 have racked in more than 3000 reviews with an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The model is overall receiving great praise from customers, some of which are surprised by the quality of the sound, the fit and the strong build on this one. The materials are certainly tough if you’re looking for something durable.

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Solitude XCS

If you wish to pay a little less for your noise-canceling headphones, try the Solitude XCS.

They’re usually heavily discounted on Amazon, even below $100 at times and they perform great on all fronts – sound quality exceeds expectations, the sound isolation makes it perfect for all kinds of noisy environments and when you want to feel alone in your bubble as you listen to your content.

The look is nice and simple and the battery life on them is pretty long with 40 hours of battery life. It can also work with devices from Apple to take in your calls, so it’s pretty versatile when it comes to uses on the road.

If you’re looking for a pair with a professional look that will allow you to work and enjoy content in peace on the road, the Solitude XCS are definitely for you.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B

The ATH-ANC7B is another great model from Audio Technica. It comes in a different size that will please a bunch of other customers.

The fit is different and it’s up to you to figure what would be best between this and the Ath-m50. The ear cups on this one are pretty big and if you wish to feel isolated from the outside they could be better.

On the isolation aspect, the comparison between this and the more expensive Bose can go on forever, but for a price under $200 it doesn’t really get any better than this.

This model doesn’t ease up on the padding and is more comfortable than ever. So in a lot of ways this is the same quality as the M50, repackaged in a different fit.

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Have you made your choice? Which models have you owned and that did a great job at canceling noise?

One thought on “Best Noise Canceling Headphones Under $200

  1. C. Spiller says:

    Solitude XCS look like a bargain after everything you said about them. Is the sound quality comparable to the other ones? $200 is the maximum I’d be willing to pay, but if I can get a similar headphones for under $100, even better. 🙂

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