Best In-Ear Headphones Under 200$ – Our Top 5

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When it comes to in-ear headphones, we often don’t want to pay a lot more. It’s just that these are so small and easily lost that it doesn’t seem to be worth it to put a whole lot of money on them.

However, the models we’re going to present here are going to motivate you into putting up a little bit more money to get better sound.

In our run down of the best in-ear headphones for under $200, we’ve focused on sound first, then quality of sound isolation and comfort. For people who are looking to get great sound and still limit their expenses to a reasonable amount, these models will be perfect.

Jaybird Bluebuds X

We love the Jaybirds Bluebuds X because they have a cool and slightly original look. They’re ideal for the gym and provide comfort for long periods of time.

In our testing of various in-ear headphones, we have come to the conclusion that a lot of in-ear models, even some of the best ones, tend to be less comfortable when you wear them for many hours.

The Jaybird Bluebuds X is a model of exception and is one you could wear for a marathon and don’t feel the urge of taking them off.

With its “Lifestime Warranty Against Sweat”, this model affirms it’s targeted towards active people, and with its great wireless technology, it has everything to make you enjoy your workout to the maximum. All the tangling and confusion is over!

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Phiaton PS 210 BTNC

Our next pick is the Phiaton PS 210 BTNC. The qualities of this model resides in the same areas as the Jaybirds Bluebuds in a lot of ways.

They can be comfortable for several hours and this is certainly what could make you go for them. At $159, they’re more expensive though.

Their sound isolation properties are also very good, and while we weren’t able to verify if they indeed blocked “95% of the noise” like it was said in the description, we were really satisfied at the experience these gave us in the bus and other more noisy places.

It’s a great pick to keep the quality of your music on the go.

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Bose IE2

Bose also has a good offering the in-ear headphones market in the IE2. They come with “StayHear” tips so that they don’t slip off your ears when you go for a run.

There’s protective case included and the build is pretty strong on them.

And then they provide Bose-quality sound, which is what most people will be hoping for when they will pay $99.95.

We wouldn’t say that they beat under headphones in this area, but for $50 to $100 less than the other in-ear headphones outlined here, we thought they were great.

The 5-stars customer reviews came in good numbers with 1484 5-stars ratings out of 2371 reviews. It’s no surprise that they’re amongst the good sellers on Amazon.

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Etymotic HF5

The Etymotic HF 5 is a model we’ve reviewed recently and we think they represent the right compromise for a $150 price.

They provide truly impressive sound and you simply need to try them to believe it.

They do fall a bit short when it comes to providing long-term comfort, but even though this doesn’t take away from the fact that these are simply amazing.

Etymotic is a company that specializes in these kinds of in-ear headphones and they provide absolutely the best research in products like this one. Sound isolation is no problem as well. Another drawback might be the weaker bass, but the clarity outweights that as well. It’s clearly a case where good sound overrides anything here.

Etymotic presents them as the “world’s most accurate noise-isolating earphones under $200” and they’re pretty close to being just that.

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Yamaha Eph-100sl

The Yamaha Eph-100sl is our top pick in this price bracket. They come just under $200 though at $199.95, but hey, you asked for the best model and here it is!

Contrarily to the Etymotic HF5, the Eph-100sl do provide punchy bass, and we believe that with all the hip-hop listeners out there at the moment, these will be the ones that will satisfy the most buyers.

They still do perform really well across all types of music and they’re also pretty comfortable. If the Yamaha Eph-100sl fit your budget and that you would like to bring a little bass on the road, get them.

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Thank you for reading our little rundown and we hope you found what you were looking for.

If you wish to have an even cheaper model under $200 that would perform to a level close to our 5 picks presented here, try the Sennheiser CX 300 II at $79.95. They’ve received great reviews as well and Amazon discounts them at around half the price sometimes. Another good pick.

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