Best In-Ear Headphones Under $100

in ear headphones

Sometimes, you just need something smaller, compact, and that provides great noise isolation but don’t take up a lot of space. Also, you need them to work with your laptop, and your IPod. Well, here we have them, nothing beats and in ear headphone for that, and we’ve found them under $100 for you!

Klipsch Image S4 II In-Ear Headphones

The Klipsch Image S4 II is a traditional type of Klipsch classic design excellence.

This model comes with 3 different types of silicone earbuds, and combined with the oval shaped earpiece, and slightly angled silicone bud attachment area, it makes for a perfect fit.

The headphones has a Dynamic Moving Coil Micro Speaker with a 8.5mm driver, and a sensitivity of 10 hz-19 kHz, and a 3.5 mm jack, making it compatible yet powerful enough to go with your portable players.

The Klipsch Image S4 II is has a tangle resistant flat cord that many other popular but lower quality brands have imitated, such as beats. You also get a compact carrying case with your purchase which is great.

The noise cancelling function works up to 16 dB, which is great, seeing as to how powerful the dynamic moving coil speaker is, it’s loud enough to drown out outside noises anyway.

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Bose IE2 Audio Headphones

Bose has been one of the leading manufacturers for a long time of quality products and their reputation is well deserved as reflected in this model. This model’s unique point lies in how comfortable it feels.

Bose delivers here on this model with their unique innovative silicone earbud tips that not only stick in your ear canal but also make use of your auricle to hold it in place, and are extremely comfortable since they only use high grade silicone.

The bass is powerful, but not overwhelming, and the trebles crisp and clear, which is great for daily usage. The set comes with a folding case, and three pairs of earbud tips for different sized ear canals, and also a clip on cable holder. The jack is a normal 3.5mm stereo jack that is compatible with Apple products and also laptops.

This model’s strengths lie in the great material and sound quality, combined with the unique in ear, earbud tips that help them stay in comfortably for hours on end.

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Thinksound TS02 High Definition Wooden Headphone

Thinksound is a company that prides itself on being environmentally friendly, and this model is no different.

Packaged in a completely biodegradable bag, the TS02 impresses with not just its green roots, but also its form and function.

Lest you think the TS02 just looks good, the 8mm dynamic driver gives great bass response for such a small driver, and keep in mind the entire set weighs only 10 grams.

To add icing to the cake, the jack is gold plated, giving it better signal transmission and a plush look, as if the wooden housing wasn’t good enough.

The cable is also Kevlar reinforced, which makes it tougher than it looks and it is also sweat resistant, great for outdoor use; it also comes with four high grade silicon earbud tips to ensure that it will fit any ear canal size.

If you want something fuss free, elegant, yet surprisingly clear, get a TS02. It also comes in a more expensive variant with an in line microphone and volume control functions.

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Shure SE215-K Live Sound Monitor

Shure has been developing headphones that are ergonomic, not in that they are only comfortable, but also that they don’t get in the way of doing things or look very clunky at it, while delivering superb bass, as in this model.

Shure delivers high quality sound with their Dynamic Micro driver, and the cables are reinforced with Kevlar, and the sound isolating sleeves block up to 37db of noise.

The sensitivity of 22hz – 17500Hz lets the SE215K sound monitor go really loud or soft, and the driver demands slightly more energy as a result with an impedance at 20 ohms but that’s a small downside for such quality; the audio jack on both ends are also gold plated, giving better signal transmission.

Also included are three sets of earbuds of different sizes, and soft compact carrying case is also included.

This model uses over the ear fitting to provide a secure snug fit, which makes it very comfortable, and the wire management and material makes sure it rarely tangles, if ever. Due to this, sound isolation here is par excellence, and can hardly be matched.

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Monster Gratitude In-ear Headphones

Monster is well known for its flashy yet punchy audio quality, being popular with the hip crowd who likes their bass loud and punchy. This model provides just that, with also the microphone function for the go getter who needs to stay in touch.

The set comes with a small leather case for holding your Mp3 player, and with 12 sets of earbuds, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There is also a small leather drawbag for the headphones themselves, and it makes a great holding pouch to carry your earphones in style.

The sound quality is decent with vocals bringing out the shine in this model, being clear and crisp, and that’s helped on by the good noise isolation helped by the in ear earbuds with a wide size range to choose from.

The inline microphone and volume controls are also a definite plus point, being easy to locate yet not looking clunky as in some models, these add an extremely useful function to an already stylish pair of earpieces.

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  1. Ahsan Raza says:

    Nice collection of earbuds.I love to use Klipsch 6i headphones. You should include these headphones too in your reviewed list.

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