Best Headphones for Kids: 4 Great Models


Headphone industries that are catering to the professional world including; musicians and sound engineers are now also manufacturing headphone products for children as well. Today children are getting more and more tech savvy at younger ages. Now they can also enjoy listening to music with systems that are similar to adult headphones in terms of features, sound quality and design.

This article will focus on four of the safest and most highly effective headphones for children.

Kidz Gear Volume-Limiting Headphones

The Kids Gear Volume-Limiting Headphones for kids are very versatile. They are compatible with the iPod, iPhones and other devices. However, they cannot be connected to more than one gadget at the same time.

They come in multiple colors to suit your child’s preferences and they are wallet-friendly. Custom designed these headphones are for children 2 years and older. The dimensions are 6.3 by 2.6 by 6.3 inches and weigh 4.8 ounces. They are lightweight and offer comfort for your child.

In terms of sound these are the first Adult featured stereo units for children. This unit delivers a fine standard of sound that enables your children to enjoy watching DVDs, listening to music or the radio, watching TV or alongside their gaming entertainment.

This Kidz Gear model claims to be the safest wired headphones for children. They are intended to be tangle-free and easy to use. Although they are known for being tangle-free some kids have found a way to tangle this cable.

Parents are satisfied knowing that their children are listening to music at a safe decibel. They can even set the noise limiting feature to control their child’s volume level.

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Califone 2810-TI Kids Headphones

The Califone 2810-TI Kids Stereo and PC Headphones have dimensions of 6.8 by 6 by 2.5 inches and weigh only 4 ounces. Your child can wear and travel with this headset easily.

The ABS plastic ear-cups are sturdy even with everyday use. If your child is very active another more durable headset might be recommended as some users felt this model isn’t as durable as others.

It has an adjustable headband that is very comfortable. Unfortunately they are not one-size-fits-all, and some children will outgrow them more quickly than others.

These headphones are compatible with the leapfrog tablet, MP3 Player and other devices, but it can only be connected to one device at a time. This headset comes in three different playful designs; tiger, bear and panda.

This Califone has a circumaural structure that highly reduces background noise, eliminating echo and other feedback. Children’s ears are safe and can remain focused while playing games or using their computers. The volume control allows your child to set the volume to their style.

Other features include a 6 foot long cable with a permanent attachment, secure enough to resist an accidental pull. Also has a 3.5mm connector that is positioned at a right angle to help minimize accidents.

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JLab JBuddies Kids Volume Limiting Headphones

These JLab JBuddies headphones have great acoustics and a reduced volume. At 90 decibels it meets the standards for the EN50332 and ASTM recommendations. Even though it meets the recommendations, this is still pretty loud for your younger children.

This product is safe, lightweight and user-friendly for children ages 2 and up. The circumaural design protects the ear perfectly and the ear cushions are hypoallergenic to prevent allergic reactions. The smaller headband is designed for comfort. Be careful because the ear pads are known to fall off easily, but they are easily reattached.

The volume knob and built-in volume limiter lets children take control of the volume. While it is easy for adults, it may take some time for your kids to learn how to adjust the controls properly.

This JLab JBuddies headset is compatible with various portable media devices, but it only has one 3.5mm jack, so it can only be plugged into one device at a time.

Included with these headphones is a storage bag for protecting your kid’s headset while not in use. Also a one year limited warranty.

Sony MDR-222KD Children’s Headphones

These Sony MDR-222KD are designed for older children over the age of 8. Their dimensions are 9.8 by 7 by 2 inches and they weigh 1.8 ounces.

The headphones are lightweight and small with soft ear cushions that securely fit your kids head for many hours. This headset might fit adults but make note they are made specifically for children.

Manufacturers have assured parents that these headphones are safe for older children to use. The noise cancelling feature and the high impedance level provides a low volume level that is safe.

This headset offers 13.5mm drivers that include neodymium magnets. As a result users will experience crisp and clear audio. It also has a volume-limiting resistor cord for your child’s ear health.

The cord is only 3.5 feet long which makes it too short for children to use on gaming systems. With less cord it is more tangle-free but children can always find a way to get them tangled.

Overall they are a solid headset, but they are very plain. If your child wants something fun and colorful you will need to try one of the other models.

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