Top 5 Best Bass Headphones for 2017

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When looking for a headphone using the bass output as your main criteria, there are several platforms to consider. A true bass should not rattle, but hum.

It should be clear if your volume is set on the minimum or maximum. In other words, there should be no distortion. The clarity of the bass should not be obtained at the sacrifice of the treble, or the high to mid range components.

In today’s economy, price should be a factor, also. The bass reproduction should be delivered at an affordable cost. No product ‘s performance should be entirely contingent upon its total cost.

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

With the Custom One Pro, you will need to wait for a burn-in time of about 55 hours, so the bass you hear the first time you use them will not be true. Be patient.

The Custom One Pro is known for a strong and acceptable bass that is enhanced by the multiple layers of delivery. The sensitivity rating is a 96dB.

The headphones have a noise variable reduction slider— this is a fun tool that allows the listener to control the bass output.

The bass reproduction will please the audiophile, as it is sweet, strong, and true. The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro deserves its spot in the top five bass headphones. Although the customization accessories are sold independently, they are worth their full retail price.

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Monster Inspiration Noise Canceling Headphones

The name says it all. For professional or amateur audiophiles, the Inspiration delivers a superior bass sound. The bass clarity does not come at the expense of the treble.

The headphones’ two models cost $299.95 (passive noise reduction) and $349.95 (active noise reduction).

The bass sounds deep and has a purr, not a rattle. Audiophiles love the Inspiration because volume and genre have no impact on delivery. The bass has no distortion, ever. Putting the stimulation in the top five lists was a no-brainer decision. From denim blue to patent leather, you’ll definitely not run short of Inspiration!

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Sennheiser Momentum On Ear Headphones

Modern and sophisticated, the Sennheisers are expensive, costing $350.00. But their bass reproduction and superior noise isolation make the cost justifiable. The only complaint may be that the Momentum bass is not as strong as some might like.

The best way to explain the bass reproduction is as conservative. The conservative approach is what the company is known for with products and marketing. They are not flashy or trendy in any way.

The bass reproduction is true, clear, and accurate, but not strong or aggressive. If you want rattling and thumping it is not the headphone for you. Consider these facts when selecting your headphones based on the bass sound.

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VMODA Crossfade M-100 Noise-Isolating
Metal Headphone

The VMODA Crossfade M-100 advertises a strong, no rattle bass. The cost for the headphones is $310.00, on the higher spectrum.

The response frequency is a very respectable 5-30 kHz. So the power is there, but free of that annoying shake that often accompanies strong bass headphones with a nice frequency.

Audiophiles like that they get a muscular sound without the negative side effects. Because of the duel diaphragm of 50 mm, there will be no bleeding and mingling of sounds at any range. The only negative note I noticed was that the bass may struggle in a loud or noise laden outside environment.

The inclusion of the VMODA Crossfade M-100 in the top five bass headphones is well deserved. With a deep bass and an amazing sound quality, the VMODA Crossfade M-100 is definitely worth your money!

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Beats Studio Over Ear Headphones

The Beats Studio Over the Ear headphones are currently priced at $299.00. They are splashy and trendy and come in a variety of colors, but the important thing to note is that the bass does deliver.

With excellent noise cancelling capabilities, the full size headphones are balanced with a smooth bass.

There is some noise leakage, which can dilute the bass delivered by the Beats Studio Over Ear headphones. However, the good news is they do not rattle like the Beats that came before them. This is indeed progress. Though some may complain to loose the rattle, the company picked up a thicker bass than desirable for audio reproduction.

Beats have a loyal and large following. The crowd will be pleased with the advancements made concerning bass output. These advancements earned them a spot on the top fivelist.

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Top Five: All Winners

When considering the best bass headphones, the first thing to do is consider your budget and wants. Then look to this article to decide which bass performer you want to select. All are winners!

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  1. AwesomeMusicDude says:

    I’ve had the chance to listen to the Sennheiser Momentum and after that I trully had no words to describe this amazing product. Every little sound that you’ve never knew it was there came to life and you just have to give massive credits to the music producer and his creativity.

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