Best Bass Headphones Under $100

bass headphones under 100

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Today’s economy is tight – very tight. And it seems unfair that the economy should affect an audiophile’s ability to get an inexpensive, yet quality product. A good bass emphasizing headphone should be had for $100 or less.

These five earphones cost fewer than $100, yet deliver. They are strong and have the added features necessary to deliver a strong bass sound. The extra features are there and the companies producing these affordable headphones are leading the market in the under $100 headphone strata that stresses the bass sound.

AKG K240 Semi-Open Studio Headphones

AKG is a company from Austria that has been in the music industry since 1947. They have a strong reputation for a good, low priced product.

The AKG K240 costs $77. This headphone is an update version of their AKG K240 Monitor model.

The circumaural, around the ear, fit keeps the ear cups tight. Tight is good for containing the powerful bass. The bass is not only powerful, but it works at different volumes and ranges. The bass has been described as thick.

The impedance is 55 ohm and the dynamic range is 15Hz – 25,000Hz. The bass rocks!

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Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

The Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm headphone has some great specifications.

For the cost of $99.99, you get a frequency response of 10Hz – 20KHz, and an impedance of 63 ohms.

It has a tight closed ear fit, which will keep the meaty bass in the listener’s ear where it belongs. It has a slight hint of distortion to the treble because the bass is so strong. It is geared toward hip-hop and rap audiophiles. But the price is right for anyone.

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SOL REPUBLIC 1211-03 On-Ear Headphones

Sol Republic is a fairly new company to the world of headphones, and they have only operated since the year of 2011. The company was the born of the combined creative efforts of Kevin Lee, Scott Hix, and Seth Combs.

The Sol Republic 1211-03 Tracks cost $71. It is refreshing that a product priced so low and gives such great bass.

The 80% block out for ambient sound further deepens the tone of bass. It has what you might call a mighty punch. This punch does not confine the high or mid ranges, nor does it involve and distortion or rattling.

The Sol Republic bass is just plain solid. Overall, these headphones are extremely comfortable and the sound quality is remarkable with an excellent bass.

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Denon AH-D400 Over-Ear Headphones

The Denon AH-D400 Urban Raver costs $100. They deliver 50 mm-powered drivers, which give the headphones a punch bass with no rattle.

Always makes sure the under priced headphones do not rattle due to inferior products or shoddy construction. The Denon’s do not.

The adjustable headband and memory foam ear cups will keep the apparatus tight on your head, so you do not lose any of the bass sound. And you will not one to lose one note of these meaty bass sounds enhanced by an integrated amplifier. These $100 headphones deserve their spot on the best five lists.

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Bose AE2 Audio Headphones

Bose is the Cadillac of headphones, beyond a doubt – it is so refreshing to know they have a product in the under $100 market. The AE2 are affordable and have a thumping and pure bass.

They cost $95, which is an incredible price for a bass driven Bose headphone.

The bass is delivered evenly, without sacrifice to the treble, and is equally good across the world of music genres. This headphone in the under $100 group is my favorite.

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The Skinny on the Skinny Price

There is not a bunch of under $100 headphones on the market. Be careful of the product material and construction quality. This top five list will help guide you on your purchasing journey. You can find a quality product that emphasizes a deep and pure bass – a bass that does not bleed to the treble, works at mid and high range, and does not rattle.

Select either the SOL REPUBLIC 1211-03, the Denon AH-D-400, the Bose AE2, the Sony MDR7506 Pro, or the AKG K 240 headphones for your under $100 superior bass listening pleasures.

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