[Review] AKG Acoustics K-240 Semi Open Studio Headphones

akg k-240

The AKG K-240 Semi Open Studio model packs some serious punch.

Made for long term studio use, thus the name Semi Open, they keep your ears well-padded and cooled and long hours of use will not make them sweaty or hot. The Semi Open feature means that you can hear people talking to you close range, but the audio from the headphones shouldn’t be audible to anyone else but you unless you push up the volume to the maximum.


The AKG K-240 features a 15 Hz- 25 kHz frequency, giving you extremely clear highs and mids, with a rich full and detailed bass and lows due to the advanced XXL transducers with Varimotion diaphragms that deliver a wide dynamic range.

With the cable being made of 99.99% oxygen free copper and gold plated audio jacks, the signal transmission is great, and paired with the mini XLR connectors, it ensures the connection will not break off suddenly and the contact is a good fit.

The cable length is 3 metres, and the rated impedance 55 ohms, with a total weight of 240 grams.

Due to this, the AKG-240 should be used with home stereo equipment with enough power to let the headphones reach its full potential, and the 3m cable might not be very portable. The weight however, is quite light in comparison with other headphones of a similar size.

The cable itself is plug-in-style and one-sided, as compared to the Y-style cable. The use of the plug in configuration also makes replacement or modification of the cable easier in the future and also cuts down on cable twisting or snarls. Cable twisting and snarls can significantly cause signal transmission degradation over time which affects audio quality adversely.

Sound Quality

The sound quality due to the revolutionary XXL transducers with Varimotion diaphragms produce an excellent audio quality, with near flat response, giving any audio played a near perfect reproduction as how it sounded during recording.

The XXL transducers also aid in the rich and responsive bass quality that few other headphones of this price range can even match, or beat. The high range is very clear, feeling light and natural, with lots of body, yet not overwhelming and never flat.

The mid ranges were hearty and full, very natural, not tuned or too lightweight. When tested with a vocals heavy indie band, the mids of their chorus was clear and crisp, although nothing really popped out, it was comfortable and every detail seemed to be in sync, from the banjos and acoustic guitars not sounding too shallow or punchy, to the singers themselves being just right and not overpoweringly loud or rich.

The best part is even at higher volumes, the quality does not waver, unless it goes to ear splitting volumes.

Due to the same XXL transducers with Varimotion diaphragms, the various diaphragms aid in giving the use the sense of space. What this means is that you can actually feel the distance between the drums and the singer in an audio recording of a live band, and it doesn’t feel at all fake or airy.


akg k-240 2

The earcups and headband of the AKG-240 are also great. The earcups firstly, are made of soft leatherette pads, that don’t feel extremely tacky, and are plush enough. The size of the earcups are a plus too, being bigger than most ears, so they don’t press down on them leaving them red and sweaty.

The headband itself is made of tough metal and leather, and are self-adjusting, meaning that you won’t have to manually fiddle with them trying to get the right fit. Best part is that they don’t put too much pressure on your temples leaving you with a “pressure headache” as some headphones do cause, as their headbands are over tight, leaving you red, sweaty and sore temples.

The look of the AKG 240 is that of classic retro. Mostly black, with gold trimmings, it smacks of old school cool, and with its solid construction in vinyl and metal with its large round earcups, you can see why people called headphones “cans”. They look good enough to be worn out on the street, albeit a bit big for people with smaller heads, but they are definitely a sort of understated cool that has been passed on since the nineties’.


In short, the AKG 240 semi open studio headphones buy-now-1 can be considered one of the gold standards for studio and home use headphones, with its excellent sound quality reproduction and just as great comfort.

It’s not lacking in the looks department either, and should be considered for someone starting out and looking for a good set of headphones to start with.

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